“Yonthanan” won 3rd place in the international cross-country mountain bike – MCOT Thai News Agency


Chanthaburi 26 May- “Yonthanan Polkla”, a cyclist of the Thai national team, took 3rd place in the Mountain Bike Thailand MTB Cup in Chanthaburi Province.

International cross-country mountain bike, “Thailand MTB Cup 2023”, 2nd field at Thap Sai Municipality Pong Nam Ron District Chanthaburi Province The female public version, a distance of 24.6 km, has 4 cyclists from Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan participating in the competition. Escaping alone since the first round, won the championship with a time of 1 hour 34 minutes 20 seconds, earned 60 points for the 2024 Olympic Games in France, ranked 2nd, Ya Yu Sai, a Taiwanese national cyclist at 1 hour 35 minutes 28 seconds, gained 40 points. with Yonthana Phonkla, Thai national cyclist Cross-country bronze medalist, 32nd SEA Games in Cambodia and gold medalist, female under 23 years old in this field, entered 3rd place with a time of 1 hour 37 minutes 5 seconds, receiving 30 points.

As for the male public version, a distance of 28.7 km, there are 19 cyclists competing from Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Thailand by Sinal Fanini, the Indonesian national cyclist. The owner of the silver medal at the 32nd SEA Games in Cambodia led a single roll to finish the first with a time of 1 hour 29 minutes 40 seconds .-Thai News Agency

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