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Don’t try to do it!! Rescuers are rescuing the young man from the wreckage of the car. but uncle will drag one car

At approximately 11:35 a.m. on May 26, 2023, an accident happened with a sedan driving backwards. collided with a pick-up truck The driver was trapped in a serious condition. on the Chiang Mai-Lampang Road (Floating leg) around the return point of the sub-train, Umong Subdistrict, Mueang Lamphun District, Umong Rescue Way, Hospital near Doctor, Hariphunchai Hospital , Tunnel Protection ,Rescue Ruamjai Lamphun , Highway Patrol Rescue , Lamphun Special Rescue , Saw forest patrol and Mae Ta route division mobilize to help at the scene Found a sedan car, Honda Si Ban, registration No. kor xxxx, the front condition was destroyed, the driver stuck in the mold on the steering wheel. While the rescue Helping the driver who was seriously injured, unconscious and sent to the hospital. It turned out that an uncle drove a forklift to move the saloon car. with that uncle Later, the injured person was transported. hospital and passed away.

As for the other party’s car, it was a bronze pick-up truck, registration number xxxx, Chiang Mai, the front of the car was also demolished. The driver was injured and the rescue took him to the hospital.

Initially, it was known that the driver of the sedan had driven backwards. therefore being hit by a pick-up truck and causing the driver’s death The pickup truck driver was injured. The police will continue to investigate the true cause.

However, the rescue, a user named Tumsa Na Lamphun, posted on social media with the message that

Little Uncle Elung I’m afraid I can’t lift the car..

Rescue team with the rescue team cutting the stretch to help the injured. stuck in the car Severe condition, no pulse. Ha. I’m tired. that Hue is still going to come into trouble again

P.S. Now the wounded can’t poison their wounds. died at the hospital

My condolences to the deceased family.


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