be careful!! Electric car Tesla Thailand, if repairing a garage outside “Insure immediately”


Recently, information from Tesla Thailand has been revealed about taking electric cars to be maintained at independent service centers (outside garages), which Tesla states that these actions will immediately void the warranty of the car.

Previously, a Tesla electric car customer revealed information on the website PricezaMoney after the car accident. And have brought the car to be repaired with a service garage that is a party to an insurance company (Not a Tesla service center), after which Tesla Thailand has informed the car owner that The car is out of warranty. “In respect of repair or replacement of parts” Because it is not serviced by a Tesla certified service center.

Currently, Tesla has only one authorized service center. is service center MMS Bosch Car Service Phatthanakan Branch At present, there are only 3 insurance companies that can use the service at MMS: Thaivivat Insurance and LMG Insurance Public Company Limited Of course, in the future they will expand the number of service centers to increase. Including insurance companies that cover Tesla car coverage will increase as well. To accommodate the rapidly increasing number of Tesla electric cars

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