Chiang Mai through to the semifinals Kamphaeng Phet Games


Chiang Mai through to the semifinals Kamphaeng Phet Games Semifinal duel 28 May 2023

Football Battle Kamphaeng Phet Games between two chiang orbiting to meet Awesome Chiang Mai Win a ticket through to the semi-finals as the second team After defeating the Chiang Rai team in the final 8 rounds, the team narrowly went 2 goals against 1 in the second round winning the Chiang Mai team. will compete on May 28, 2023 at 4:00 p.m., will face the winning team between Phetchabun and Mae Hong Son, who wins, meets Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai football fans Let’s send encouragement together.

for the Chiang Mai men’s football team, led by Mr. Somchai Nanthakowat, president of the football department Chiang Mai Sports Association has Asst. Prof. Boonchai Lertpiriyachaikul Is the head coach, entered the first field, won Lampang, the second match won Lamphun, entered the 8th round, defeated Chiang Rai, entered the final 4 rounds, asked to win one more match and get a ticket. Kanchanaburi Games already

At Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University Stadium Men’s football competition in the round of 8 teams, there are two duels, the first pair, the Phrae team, drawn as the third finalist in the C line, meets Phitsanulok 1, the A line in this round, Phrae returns to show the best pace. Defeating favorites like Phitsanulok 4-1, reaching the final 4 teams as the first team

Arriving at the second match, Chiang Mai, the champion team in Line B enters the field and meets the 3rd team of Sai Kor, Chiang Rai, opening the game to Chiang Mai. Who made the game hard, the Chiang Rai defender had to work hard for just 12 minutes, Chiang Mai kicked Connor’s ball. Come to Chiang Mai door frame, the defender enters the interception, misses the door, causing Chiang Mai to lead 1-0 before Chiang Mai. When leading, the pressure is relieved. But still opened the game to attack hard, had many beautiful opportunities, but missed it, unfortunately, the first half ended, Chiang Mai led 1-0

Came to start in the second half for another 45 minutes, in the 55th minute Chiang Mai came to get the second goal, leading away from Chiang Rai. to attack hard Arrived at the end of the game, Chiang Rai came to beat the eggs, followed 1-2, and could do just this, Chiang Mai defeated Chiang Rai narrowly 2-1, entering the final 4 teams, being the second team following Phrae

In the final 4 rounds, the team will kick off on May 28, 2023 at Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University Stadium, starting at 2:00 p.m. Phrae team will meet with the winning team between Lamphun team and Kamphaeng Phet team. Whoever wins will face Phrae in this round. The winning team will get tickets to Kanchanaburi Games immediately, part 2 at 4:00 p.m. Chiang Mai will enter the field with The winning team between Phetchabun and Mae Hong Son, who wins, faces Chiang Mai, the team that wins in the semifinals and goes to the final. will receive tickets to the 48th National Games “Kanchanaburi Games” between 14-29 August 2023


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