Trace the ‘American military bases’ in Thailand, where they came from, and their impacts over war traces.


Key Points:

  • In the past, Thailand had “American military base” From requesting to set up a military base for the war with Vietnam suppress communism byThe government of Field Marshal P. Pibulsongkram At that time, they wanted to use foreign policy to survive. and viewed communism as a threat
  • The entry of American military bases left many traces. both the wounds on the relationship between Thailand and Vietnam and countries in Indochina Damage to resources and the economy It is also expected that Some military base areas may still have “yellow rain” left over.
  • America plays an important role in building a foundation of conservative Thainess. Even today, the conservative side will come out against America hard. But according to history Instead, the Eagle Chartpaya played a significant role in the formation of the Thai state.

The news of the establishment of an American military base in Thailand spread after the election victory of the Kao Far Party. On May 24, representatives fromThe Center for the Protection of the Institutions Submit a letter at the Embassy of the United States of America in Thailand. The main message is to call on the United States to stop interfering in domestic affairs, to not take sides, and to respect Thailand’s main institutions.

not long after “Rangsiman Rome” A spokesman for the Kao Klai Party has confirmed that Such information is not true. And the party itself did not have any discussions with America in opening up the country for the establishment of military bases.

in addition “Fuadi Pitsuwan” The Foreign Policy Advisor, Kao Klai Party, further commented that The Progressive Party has never mentioned the establishment of an American military base. and personally think The country of origin doesn’t have a requirement either. because it requires quite a large budget And Thailand does not have such security problems.

Although the establishment of American military bases seems to instill fear in the conservative side. But if you sort through the historical data, you will find that The United States in the 1950s, however, played an important role in shaping many Thai values ​​and concepts. from a small beginning in exploring communities – rural areas, politics, culture, and the Thai academic world as well

  • the origin and occurrence of “American military base”

The sound of the atomic bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. “United States of America” Rise as a world leader and decided to implement a policy of encirclement to prevent the immediate expansion of communism in Indochina After Japan had to face a brutal destruction. “China” under the leadership of “Mao Zedong” was able to successfully establish a socialist system Causing America to hurry to expand its influence in Asia to prevent the expansion of communism. in which America believes that If let China dominate And if any country in the same region is a communist, other countries will gradually change their governance as well.

by the situation at that time except North Vietnam, led by “Viet Minh” will successfully defeat the French troops Laos and Cambodia have also experienced unrest. America saw Thailand that had not yet converted to communism, but feared that it might happen one day because it was surrounded by Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia, so it pursued its strategy with full assistance to Thailand. Both funding fromUnited States Agency for International Development (USAID) many, including requesting to set up 8 military bases in Thailand

Thailand in the government Field Marshal P. Pibulsongkram After the seizure of the coup “Pridi Banomyong” was afraid because their power was not very strong The government of Field Marshal P. decided to use foreign policy as a way to survive. viewed that the communist system would undermine the nation therefore bringing Thailand into a strong bond with America America that has abundant capital and wants to become a world power. therefore injecting both economic and military support funds

Under the backdrop of the domestic economy that gradually get better respectively People are more satisfied with the situation. “Thailand” immediately became a battlefield between America and Vietnam. Before the United States came to use the area in Thailand as a military base America has continuously used military methods to destroy communist forces. Which has been assessed that The number of soldiers sent was up to half a million. That’s why the cost of each battle is not small.

When foreseeing Thailand that is geopolitical and ready for battle Save the cost of sending troops each time. Thailand, therefore, has been given the role of a service provider in 3 areas: provision of military base locations; location of intelligence equipment and the American Military Rest and Recovery Center, whichThe Thai authorities allowed the United States to set up a total of 8 military bases.

  • Don Mueang Air Force Base Bangkok (1961-1970)
  • Takhli Air Force Base Nakhon Sawan Province (1961-1971)
  • Korat Air Force Base Nakhon Ratchasima Province (1962-1975)
  • Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Navy Nakhon Phanom Province (1962-1976)
  • Nam Phong Air Force Base Khon Kaen Province (1962-1966)
  • Udon Air Force Base Udon Thani Province (1964-1976)
  • Ubon Air Force Base Ubon Ratchathani Province (1965-1974)
  • U-Tapao Naval Airfield Rayong Province (1965-1976)

It has been estimated that 80 percent of the bombing in Vietnam Came from American military forces in Thai military bases. The Thai government has sent troops to fight with about 11,000 American soldiers.

However, when the Vietnam War ended with the signing of the Paris Agreement in 1973 later Thailand has been directly affected in terms of relations with Indochina countries, especially Vietnam. The government thereafter faced foreign friction with its neighbours. After completing the lesson “Vietnam War” It was the most vicious and unrighteous battlefield. Vietnam has become one of the “Proxy War” which America uses as a tool to usurp the power of oneness It also creates an impact – leaving many traces of war in the area.

Trace the 'American military bases' in Thailand, where they came from, and their impacts over war traces.

Research on “The impact of the US military base on the economy and society of Udon Thani. 1962-1977” by Pongsak Pattha Indicates that the effects that occur after the withdrawal of American troops ranging from damage to property within the airbase area where the Thai authorities have not yet established a budget and responsible person The government had to speed up the recovery of surrounding local economies, whose incomes had shrunk sharply after American troops withdrew. The US dollar that had been circulating in the system suddenly disappeared. Employees and business owners face problems of losing their jobs and going out of business. Rental houses, nightclubs, hotels, bungalows, construction contractors were affected in succession

  • more than traces of war is the heritage of “American” thought.

America is not expandingMilitary Power (Hard Power) only, but also the subject ofSoft Power that started in earnest in the 1950s Kengkit Kitirianglarp explained this issue as The arrival of Americans during the Cold War played a significant role in shaping our understanding of Thai society. Starting from a small beginning like exploring a rural village

Previously, Thailand had never had a map with a level of detail that saw the location of community houses. but maps used during the Cold War Military aircraft were used to shoot above the airspace level. and bring the photographs to the lab in the Philippines If there is no map with this level of resolution The anthropologists of that time were unable to study the village. That was the first starting point for the United States to reach what the Thai state had never been able to do before.

If asked how important this remote exploration is and how it relates to the intensity of conservatism, the answer is that during the decade People in village communities are very distant from the state power. In the United States, it was found that during the year 1947, Isan people did not refer to Thainess as we understand it today. He did not have a sense of being Thai like a city person. and don’t even know members of the royal family

Trace the 'American military bases' in Thailand, where they came from, and their impacts over war traces.

at that time America wanted to protect communists from all sides. Especially in the North, Northeast and South where communists can use natural routes to enter. This is the beginning where America began to spread “soft power” in injecting scholarship money. Sending anthropologists to walk around the villages and countryside from the photographed map, or in other words, America is an important variable that strengthens the word “nation” of the Thai state. which is a by-product of the intention of wresting the masses from the communists itself.

Moreover Memories of the countryside from an urban perspective It is also full of colors tinged with the fear of communism that has been handed down to the present day. Kengkij explains that Think about when children draw pictures for teachers. When they imagine Thainess, everyone will have the same image in their heads: huts, mountains, sunlight, a buffalo, a flock of birds, and a fish pond next to it. We were city kids But why is there a memory-imagination of the same Thainess? This is a legacy from a very intense Cold War America.

A picture of the countryside that looks beautiful. such kind-hearted people It was another tool that was heavily used for propaganda in that era. After the emergence of the Vietnam War, America found that The countryside is not as beautiful as you think. But full of conflicts, demands, resistance, this is the source of funding and accelerating the development of various agencies in Thailand to make people feel the same way. There is prosperity to help reduce resistance from distant areas.

Therefore, the image of a group of people coming out against America today therefore quite controversial and counter to the close alliance of “Thai-American” In the past, only the relationship remained. “Thai-Chinese” in the present

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