Open the history of Fai, former BNK48, Queendom Puzzle contestant


get to know history cotton former band member BNK48 also known as Fye qoodgurl before the current turn into a contestant Survival program in South Korea Queendom Puzzle Let me tell you that this girl has all-round talent, including singing, dancing and acting, plus Fai is also a singer whose clips have gone viral all over the world. Today, Thaiger does not wait. take everyone to look at the history of cotton Ready to see her outstanding work together

Fai history – Fye qoodgurl, former BNK48 member

Fai, whose real name is Sumitta Duangkaew (formerly known as Sumitra), the owner of the nickname Khun Dung, was born on June 28, 1996, is currently 26 years old, with Fai originally from Chiang Mai. Known as a member of the famous idol group BNK48 and has an artist name Fai Good Girl (Fye qoodgurl)

In terms of education, Cotton attended the Prince Royal’s College. before moving to Rapeelert Wittaya School and graduated high school from Chakkhamkanatorn School, Lamphun Province. After that, Fai was admitted to the Faculty of Liberal Arts. Thammasat University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree with 2nd class honors

Path in the entertainment industry Fai BNK48

Fai is a member of the idol group BNK48 (BNK 48), 2nd generation, officially released on July 17, 2018, where she first stuck in a song. Kimiwa Melody, you are…Melody. Ready to star as ‘Jade’ in the band’s movie Where We Belong also have the opportunity to perform in Bird Bird Show Concert 2018 as well

Since debuting with BNK48, Fai has been a member who has been loved by many fans. Fai was attached to Senbatsu again in the song. Reborn and is a member who has performed AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in SHANGHAI as well as being voted to be the next girl Participated in the song Wink wa 3 Kai and has a new performance in the story. The Underclass. This room is not bad. Before Fai ended being a member of BNK48 on March 18, 2021

Performances: Fai BNK48

  • 2019 – Where We Belong, Me Before We, Stratosphere
  • Year 2020 – BNK48: One Take, The Underclass. There is no bad room in this room.
  • 2022 – Me and the Ghost in Something In My Room
  • Year 2023 – Fandom Edition (Secret) Mission

Solo work Fai – Fye qoodgurl

  • 2022 – Gone Gurl, Is It You? (Afraid)
  • Year 2023 – Pom Pom

Fai entered the Queendom Puzzle competition.

After leaving BNK48, Fai continues to produce works for fans to see each other, she has become a world-class viral. From making a Hype Boy cover song by South Korean artist NewJeans, which quickly received a good response both in Thailand and abroad.

Until May 25, 2023, Fai made a big surprise. By appearing in the single clip of the famous South Korean survival program Queendom Puzzle with AKB48 member Jyuri and NMB48 Mirurun.

For the Queendom Puzzle competition, the names of 26 members have been officially revealed, and Fai is the only Thai member who has been introduced in this competition. The show will premiere on June 13, 2023 at 8:00 PM KST on Mnet.

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