Update the path of typhoon “Mawar”, not expected to enter Thailand But causing heavy rain May 28-29, 2023


Meteorological Department Revealing updated pictures of the track of Typhoon “Mawar” as it moves to the Philippines. expected not to enter Thailand But will result in more rain at the end of May 28-29, 2023. Experts advise farmers to collect water quickly. Before El Nino

On May 25, 2023, it was reported that the Meteorological Department Has released a picture of the path of the typhoon indicating that Update the path of typhoon “Mawar (MAWAR)” this morning, the storm still in the pacific ocean moving northwest (To the east of the Philippines) direction does not move into the South China Sea. therefore does not affect the weather in our country but may help attract more monsoons Late of the month (28 -29 May ’23)

The southwest monsoon still prevails and is moderately strong. The rain will begin to fall more widely in the northeastern and eastern regions, but the amount may not be much. The analysis shows a trough/curve line (Trough) in the lower Northeastern region during May 27-30, 2023, increasing rainfall in the lower Northeastern, Central, Eastern, Bangkok and perimeter areas, while the southern part still remains. is the monsoon side

While Assoc. Prof. Dr. Seree Suparathit, Vice President of the National Disaster Warning Council Foundation Has posted a message on his personal Facebook stating that this year’s first super typhoon is coming. not expected to enter Thailand But resulting in more rain at the end of this month

Most recently, JTWC and JMA forecast that Typhoon MAWAR is likely to develop into a super typhoon. About Friday, May 26, because the sea temperature in the area is as high as 29-30 degrees Celsius, causing the accumulation of heat energy to add to the storm.

Expected to move to the east coast of the Philippines. and spiral up to the east of the island of Taiwan and the southern part of Japan. When the storm moves above the Lat 22o line (Taiwan Island), which has a sea temperature of about 26-27 degrees Celsius, it will weaken the storm.

make the end of the month Since May 28, Thailand will have more rain across all regions. (Except the northern region) enough to make us get more water, prepare to dig a well, dig a pool, build a small weir and wait right away during the beginning of the rain and in the middle of the rain, especially in August. Must hurry to collect water for use at the end of the rainy season which are likely to decrease due to the El Nino phenomenon, farmers should therefore closely monitor the weather conditions.

Thanks for information from Facebook, Meteorological Department, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Seri Suparathit

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