Organized a grand celebration of the 10th anniversary of Baba’s sweet wedding. 5 pairs of newlyweds participated.


Phuket News Center – Thai Peranakan Association Organize a grand, sweet wedding of Baba. Promoting cultural tourism, another soft power, and pushing the kebaya dress to the world heritage. with 5 couples participating

This morning (May 21) at Ang Mo Lao Hong Yok or Ban Klu Hong Yok. Thepkrasattri Road, Talad Yai Subdistrict, Mueang Phuket District Phuket which is the venue Baba Tem’s sweet wedding, complete 1 decade, the atmosphere is full of excitement with Mr. Narong Wunsiw, Governor of Phuket, Mrs. Boonwandee Wunsiw, President of the Phuket Red Cross Society, Dr. Kosol Taeng-uthai, President of the Peranakan Association of Thailand, Mr. Montri Manator, Deputy Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Phuket Office Mrs. Supattra Jaruariyanon Vice President, Phuket Tourism Business Association Associate Professor Pranee Sakulpipat, Vice President of the Peranakan Association of Thailand Hundreds of honorable guests from government and private sectors attended the Baba Phuket sweet wedding.

for such work Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization with the Peranakan Association of Thailand Tourism Authority of Thailand, Phuket Office Phuket Tourism Business Association Southern Thai Hotel Association and the Phuket Provincial Cultural Council Let’s join together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Phuket Baba Sweet Wedding event held.

For this year’s event, it was organized in a grand way. This year, there are 5 married couples who attended the sacred ceremony according to the ancient local Baba or Pun Teh traditions. From an experienced elder who is a maesue or Umlang who is the master of the Pun wedding ceremony but maintains the authenticity and holiness of the tradition that Phuket people have inherited for more than 100 years.

There is also a procession in the middle of the city from Ang Mo Lao Hong Yok to the Phuket Thai Hua Museum. Which along the way shows the beauty of various types of kebaya. The unique dress of the women of the descendants of the Baba people. It promotes soft power and local culture. that hopes to become viral in the social world to the eyes of the world as well as promoting cultural tourism It also pushed the dressing of the bao or kebaya to the world heritage.





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