5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Muangthong-Buriram battle

5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Muangthong-Buriram battle
5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Muangthong-Buriram battle

The main reason was that the Pride Qilin and the Thunder Castle were rivals who had been fighting for the championship for ten years.

Take only the Buriram league champion, hit all 8 times, while Muang Thong has come 4 times, which are considered the 2 teams that have touched this cup the most in Siam.

Although the latter, the arrogant Kilen has abandoned a fair amount of success. But they are still a big club that no one underestimates.

In addition to the matter in the field where each side has no tendency to reduce the elbow Off the field, it is a battle where both sides always have something to follow.


Chasing from the great sentence of Newin Chidchob, the president of the Buriram club, who said that “lost to anyone, can lose, but not lost to Muangthong” is another classic phrase that is immortal in the Thai football industry. until now

The atmosphere of the supporters of both teams is another interesting color. because the parties disagreed with each other

Muangthong has long been known for its cheering culture as a group. They are the top clubs. with football fans gathering to cheer on the players close to the edge of the field no matter how far There will always be arrogant Kirin disciples going to shout and call the player’s name.

as well as Buriram, which may be newer but with accumulated success As a result, their fan base continues to increase.

Although the cheering styles are different. But I have to admit that ‘cheering’ is the charm that makes football more pleasant to watch. It’s not just the players who will exert themselves with the power they receive. But it also makes people want to experience the atmosphere in the stadium themselves.

[ 2 ] Theerathon and the welcome of the fans 1dbc9812-c0e5-47dd-bdaa-b9f42d5ff4e9.jpg

Theerathon Bunmathan, one of the best footballers in the history of the Thai nation. With success in the country and including the J. League 2019 championship with Yokohama Marinos in Japan

In fact, at the beginning of his career He almost became a Muangthong player, but for a few reasons he ended up with Provincial Electricity Authority which later was taken over by Buriram, causing Theerathon to later become the Prince of Thunder

Until the year 2016, when his name caused shock throughout the country when he moved from Buriram to play for Muang Thong, among the surprises why he decided to cross the border to run with a fierce competitor like Kilen Arrogant

That’s not enough, on the day that led Muang Thong to defeat the thunder castle – Theerathon also exploded with emotion and said through the microphone that “satisfied” became another outstanding sentence.

day time change He successfully moved to Japan. Before returning to Buriram again and still leading the team to the championship as usual

When the 2021-22 season at Theerathon returned to the Thunder Dome Stadium again, he was warmly welcomed by Muang Thong supporters who shouted his familiar name “Hia Aum”, which may be a bit rude. But he knew his intentions well. because he himself bowed to the fans Kilin arrogant with a smile

No one dares to deny the versatility of this 32-year-old player. He has won the Thai League Cup together with Buriram and Muang Thong up to 5 times, which will return to the field where he used to be successful. It’s really something to watch.

[ 3 ] Mario Way Feat Ishii Styleb75154ff-ea44-4935-a885-a2c84b37df14.jpg

Since Mario Jurovski took over as head coach of Muangthong in late 2020, he has gradually adapted Kilen Prancing to a ground-based team. By focusing on creating games from the back

Playing like this randomly runs the risk of being punished by your opponent. Because if you miss a little It immediately resulted in losing a goal.

but the Macedonian trainer still believes in his favorite tactics And that’s where the term ‘Mario Way’ plays football beautifully. Create enjoyment for football fans to watch the game.

Meanwhile, Masatada Ishii, the Japanese coach which guarantees the quality with the introduction of Kashima Antlers to win the J. League championship, and also used to lead the deer army to soar to the finals of the FIFA Club World Cup 2016, being the first team Asia


In the black final He led the team against Real Madrid, at that time there were stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Luka Modric, Toni Kroos. , Casemiro, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo and many more were evenly matched before losing in extra time.

After moving to manage Samut Prakan City – Ishii raised the Sea Fang to become a strong team. It also creates many players. Players for the Thai national team, including Charoensak Wongkon, Chakpan Praisuwan, Peeradon Chamrasamee and Supanan Burirat.

The 55-year-old took over from Alexandre Gama midway through the 2021-22 campaign, leading the club to their goals. That is winning every cup in Thailand.

Ishii is a coach with a variety of tactics. He can adapt according to the resources available to players. Which with the strength of Buriram, the current set has many big players, plus the fact that Theerathon Bunmathan, who is the key man of the team, is the one who opens and feeds accurately Causing him to use direct football to attack opponents

Therefore, the confrontation between Muang Thong and Buriram is like a pounding of different football styles.

[ 4 ] Check out the new form of the 2 teams.f6030408-6d4c-4bda-9703-190518181cf2.jpg

During the player buying-selling market before opening the second leg, both Muang Thong and Buriram are moving forward to grab new players into the team.

Starting with Kirin Pong who has Charoensak Wongkorn (BG Pathum United), Kannarin Thawornsak (Port FC), Willian Pop (Chapecoense, Brazil), Krit Phrom Boonsarn (Khon Kaen United), Patiwat Kham Mai (Bangkok United) and Kakhana Kham Yok (Assumption United) came in.

In these 6 people, there are different interests, ranging from Charoensak, the player on the list, to move to play in Japan. But he got picked up at BG Pathum until he was released to Muang Thong, who had to wait and see how well he would go with the new agency.

Popp, an important key man for Mario Yurovsky, whose contract expires at the end of the 2021-22 season, and without him The arrogant Qilin offensive line immediately became stiffer. But since this hero has returned What will be the direction of the team?

Krit Phrom will be able to answer the question in terms of left-back or not, Patiwat, who has not entered the pole at all in Bangkok, will come back to be as sticky as when playing with Samut Prakan or not and Kana, a rising star. 18 years that the Macedonian coach was amazed at his pace until he sent him to the starting line-up in the game against Lampang FC. Can he shine in front of his own fans at the Thunder Dome Stadium?

while Buriram, which may release a lot of heavy weapons, from Ong Tu (Lamphun Warriors), Ayob Mazika and Frank Castaneda, who have parted ways, but even so they Yes, Haris Vuchkic (Rijeka, Croatia), Dion Kouls (Jablonec, Czech Republic) and Filip Rogic (Sirius, Sweden) are in. replace

In Vutchic’s list, it comes with a height of 1.91 meters, which answers the tactical problems they use very well. Used to play with Newcastle (England), Rangers (Scotland), T Vente (Netherlands) and Real Zaragoza (Spain) have arrived, and also carry a degree in the Slovenian national team. Comes with a large set

Kools is of Belgian-Malaysian descent. Versatile who can play in a variety of defensive positions. and used to be attached to the Red Devils of Europe The youth kit has already played more than 28 games and also received an ASEAN quota.

The end of the Swedish midfielder Rogic. who may not have as luxurious a profile as the previous two, but his rich experience in his hometown league should allow him to create a novelty in the Thai league easily

All of this, who will be subsidized with the new agency? All answers are waiting for you in the next 90 minutes.

[ 5 ] national team versus national team


Muang Thong and Buriram are the two clubs that have the most football fans in Thailand. The good evidence is that the total number of likes on their Facebook page is over 4 million.

only not enough Both teams are also rich in Thai national team players. The Kilen side is arrogant, led by Weerathep Pomphan, Charoensak Wongkorn, Ekanit Panya, Paramet Artwilai, who recently won the ASEAN Cup 2022.

There are also Picha Uthra, Patiwat Khammai, Suporn Pinagatapho. Always on the Chang Suek list, not including Kawin Thamsatchanan who are still recovering from injuries

As the Thunder Castle was creaking The ASEAN Championship series includes Tharathon Bunmathan, Pansa Hemwibul, Peeradon Chamrasamee and Sasalak Haiprakhon.

But others who may not be in the latest national team But is considered a regular of the war elephant army, chasing from Siwarak Thesungnoen, Naruebodin Weerawatanodom, Supachai Jaided

and Suphanat Muanta

Therefore, the meeting of Muang Thong and Buriram is like a confrontation with the national team players. Which, when this is the case, will guarantee the football quality that you will definitely be able to watch the game in full enjoyment.

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