A vocational battle opened in the middle of Phraeksa Road, throwing ammunition and exploding at the enemy, 2 injured, and the villagers ran to avoid chaos.

January 24, 2023 – at 1:00 a.m. on January 24, police officers Muang Samut Prakan Police Station Receiving reports of vocational students hitting each other injured in the middle of Phraeksa Road Overpass area near Soi Toyo Thai Ban Mai Subdistrict, Mueang District, Samut Prakan Province After receiving the notification, he coordinated with the investigative police officers. along with staff from Samut Prakan Ruam Charoen Foundation and Por Tek Tung officials travel to inspect

At the scene in front of the Seven Stores near the scene of the accident, Mr. Ek (fictional name), 18, was shot in the right arm. The staff gave first aid before rushing to Samut Prakan Hospital. At the scene, many stones were found strewn across the road. Six 38-caliber ammunition casings were found on the floor and one more bullet. At the scene, 6 ping pong bombs were also found, so the officer kept them as evidence. At the same time, I was informed that in Soi Toyo One more person was injured. Therefore traveled to check and found Mr. Boy (name assumed), 17 years old, shot in both legs. Therefore giving first aid before rushing to Paolo Hospital, Samut Prakan, nearby, found an explosion inside a white cloth bag. Not far away, a pen gun and three .38 caliber ammunition fell by the side of the road. The officer therefore kept it as evidence.

Closed-circuit camera in a rice porridge shop The photo was captured while the shopkeeper was selling rice. And inside the shop, there are customers sitting. On the opposite side of the shop, there were many young people. Chasing shots and throwing bombs at each other until the store owner and the customers escaped and escaped into the store While one customer took out a mobile phone to record the video. You will be able to hear multiple explosions. Until the customers are frightened and was afraid that he would be struck by the aftermath of this event

From the exam, Mr. Ek (fictional name), one of the injured people, said that he went out to buy things in front of Soi Plangpleng. While riding a motorcycle, he was shot in Soi Bo Din. by a person named Mam Ying He came with about 20 cars.

Mr. Supakorn Sophasri, 47, a restaurant merchant in the area where the accident happened, said that while cooking for customers who ate in front of the shop. Suddenly there were teenagers in two institutions, totaling more than 30-40 people, raising them to attack each other with knives, guns, explosions until everyone had to flee and hide in the shop.

At the same time, at Samut Prakan Hospital, there was a group of teenagers who were friends of the sick people to see the symptoms. The police officers therefore organized their forces to prevent and watch out for recurrence. And will invite friends of all the injured to further questioning at the police station.

One of the teenagers said that he was an alumnus of Chamni Technology Samut Prakan School. Before the accident, he and his friends were alumni and current students, a total of 14 people, riding motorcycles to hang the institute’s sign on the foundation day that will be held in Today, January 24, while driving, looking for a place to hang a sign along the overpass and lamp post Went to meet with a group of opponents from different institutions, namely the side of the Bangkok Chang School, who rode many motorcycles, including more than 20 people, opened fire and threw ping-pong bombs at their motorcycles, but the bomb did not work. Then threw at the junior’s car again until the car fell down causing the junior to run away and die and was shot and thrown several bombs at many times. As for their own side, there was no weapon with each other. There was only a rock on the other party until the end of the gun and exploded. Found that the juniors were shot and then quickly explained the police and rescue to help.

preliminary officer Inspected the scene of the accident, recorded and examined the CCTV at the scene of the incident. to follow up with a group of teenagers from both institutions to interrogate and prosecute the law urgently because it is considered an outrageous act without fear of the law along with preparing to organize the strict control of the establishment of the aforementioned work

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