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savings bond “Happy to save” starts selling on December 7, 2022.

savings bond “Happy to save” starts selling on December 7, 2022.
savings bond “Happy to save” starts selling on December 7, 2022.

Thursday 24 November 2022, 4:53 p.m.

savings bond “Happy to save” starts selling on December 7, 2022.

Mrs. Patricia Mongkolvanich, Director of Debt Management OfficeThe public (Public Organization) revealed that POB will sell savings bonds. The happy model gives savings a total amount of 60,000 million baht. Has increased the amount of selling bondsThrough the wallet, SUBSCRIBE is 15,000 million baht and can buy up to 20 million baht per person. to expand potential and investor baseon government digital channels and in selling through banksSelling dealers for the public, amounting to 40,000 million baht, still use the Small Lot First allocation method to diversify bond all citizens The details of the sale are as follows:

1. Happy Savings Edition on SUBSCRIB wallet with a credit line of 15,000 million baht (first-come, first-served bonds are allocated to people in 2 generations, namely the 3-year version with a fixed interest rate of 2.30 percent per year. and the 7-year-old model with a fixed interest rate of 3.00% per annum, payable every 3 months, can be purchased from the age of 15 and over (minors must registerPaying in the wallet, SUBSCRIBE on the wallet application and go to verify identity with the personrule to fill out the documentsAcceptance at Krungthai Bank branches for purchasesFor the first time) can invest from 100 baht – 20 million baht, available from 7 – 20 December 2022. Interested parties can download the applicationWallet application from today To register, verify your identity and top up your wallet via Mobile Banking or linking your Krungthai Bank account. Including top-up with Wallet ID at every Krung Thai Bank counterbranch and prepare to buy bondsfrom December 7, 2022 onwards

2. Happy Savings Series with a total credit line of 45,000 million baht through four dealer banks, namely Krung Thai Bank. Bangkok Bank Kasikorn Bank and Siam Commercial Bank by dividing the sale into 2 periods as follows

Phase 1: open to the public to subscribe for bonds (December 13-14, 2022), with a credit limit of 40,000 million baht, 2 tranches, namely the 3-year version with a fixed interest rate of 2.30 percent per annum and the 7-year version with a fixed interest rate of 2.30 percent per year. 3.00 per annum, interest paid every 3 months Small Lot First bond allocation (gradually allocate bonds in cycles Circulated until all buyers are sold) The minimum subscription amount is 1,000 baht, multiplied by 1,000 baht per round and can be subscribed without limitation.Advanced purchase limit Those interested can subscribe via Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, or at the counter of the bank.All 4 dealers, however, the order in the subscription does not affectAllotment whether going late or early has the right toequal purchase which the subscriber will know the results of thebond allocation on December 15, 2022 from either SMS from the dealer bank Dissemination of the results of the allocation of bondsIn the overview at the SorBorN website and the Bank of Thailand (BOT) website Including being able to check the amount thatAllocated through the SCB wallet on the wallet application On the Purchased Savings Bonds tabthrough dealers.Subscription or violation of terms of sale The dealer bank will operateRefund of the subscription payment on December 16, 2022 (in case of force majeurewill announce the result of the allocation withinDecember 16, 2022 and a refund of the unsubscribed portionbe allocated soon aftergo)

Phase 2: open for sale to juristic personsnot for profit asset by the Ministry of Finance (December 19 – 20, 2022) in the amount of 5,000 million baht, allocating 10-year First-Come, First-Served Bonds, fixed interest rate of 2.90 percent per year, interest payment every 6 months, minimum purchase limit of 1,000 baht, and no upper limit

However, the amount of money sold on the wallet, SUBSCRIPTION, and the reseller bank is not included.Combined, investors can invest in both ways. Interested people can ask for more information.Additional sales informationAbout selling through channelsYou can order via wallet, SUBSCRIPTION, at Krung Thai Bank, call 0-111-1111 and distribution through banking channels. At all 4 dealer banks, TCEB sincerely hopes that the distributionThe sale of bonds this time will receivegood feedback and thank you allThose who are interested in investing withSavings notes are always good.

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