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bounce! “Pol. Col. Jeffrey” Superintendent of Police, Mueang Narathiwat Jensen Knot Thieves Under Car Bomb Flat Police

Hat Yai News Center – Commander-in-Chief Region 9 ordered to bounce “Pol. Col. Jeffrey Saimankul” Superintendent of Muang Narathiwat Police Station into the dungeons under the police car bomb flats. create fear among the people Lack of confidence by letting the Superintendent of Police Station, Narathiwat Province Acting

Today (November 24), Pol. Lt. Gen. Nantadej Yoonuan, Commander-in-Chief of Region 9, has issued an order for the Provincial Police Region 9 No. 502/2565 regarding police officers to assist in the civil service and act instead. Also on November 22, 2022 at 12:40 a.m., a car bomb occurred in the area of ​​the police officer’s flat. Narathiwat Municipality cause civil servants and many people were injured And there was one police officer killed, resulting in people being scared. and lack of confidence in the performance of police officers to perform official duties and the prevention and suppression of crime is in order efficient able to act proactively control area and seeking more concrete cooperation with the people in the area So let the police officers go to help the government. and acting instead

by Pol. Col. Jeffrey Saimankul, Superintendent of Police, Muang Narathiwat Go to help with the government at the Provincial Police Operations Center, Narathiwat Province, without taking command of the original position and allowing Pol. Col. Ranon Surawit, superintendent of the investigation Provincial Police Investigation Group, Narathiwat Province Acting Superintendent of Police, Muang Narathiwat from 25 Nov. 2022 onwards until the incumbent returns to duty or have a change order and any order that is against or inconsistent with this order Use this order instead Ordered on 24 November 2022, signed by Pol.Lt.Gen.

Incidentally, for this order, the Commander-in-Chief of Region 9 just issued a book this evening after Pol Lt Gen Nantadet Yoonuan, Commander-in-Chief of Region 9, joined forces with Pol Col Jay. Offrey Saimankul, Superintendent of Narathiwat Police Station, welcomed Gen. Paiboon Koomchaya, Privy Councilor, to visit and comfort police officers. Muang Narathiwat Police Station and people injured by car bombs throughout the day

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