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(There is a clip) warned that the Ping River overflowed the banks and flooded Prao Nok forest. Expected at 24.00, the water will be the highest.

ChorPhor.Por.1 warns at 7pm: Ping water overflows the bank, floods Prao Nok forest, expects 24.00, the water will reach a maximum of 15 cm beyond the critical point.

On October 2, 65 at 6:00 p.m. at the Smart Water Operations Center or SWOC Room, Irrigation Office 1, Mr. Sudchai Phrommonmas, director of the Chiang Mai Irrigation Office (PorPhor.Phor.1) discussed the water situation. in the Ping River From the influence of the Noru low pressure, which has a large amount of rain in Chiang Mai province throughout the province. causing the amount of water in the Ping River throughout the river to be almost full With the amount of rain that falls in the area of ​​Chiang Dao, Wiang Haeng, there is a lot of water. It is predicted that the water level will be 3.70 meters or the critical point of Chiang Mai city at the P>! At 7:00 pm, the expected water volume will be 480-500 cubic meters per second. And the highest level is expected to be about 15 centimeters of water overflowing the banks by midnight today.

“Currently assessed at 7:00 PM, the water will reach a critical point in Chiang Mai City at 3.70 meters at the P.1 measurement point. Currently, the NHSO 1 in the SWOC room has been vigilant and a warning has been announced earlier. This time at 4:30 p.m., the area that will be affected by the flooding of the Ping River is Zone 1, which is the area of ​​Pa Phrao Nok, the Tha Nam shop, around the tavern, the Pa Daet bridge underpass. will be affected by flooding as the first area asked the people to keep things up high And if moving to a level of 3.85 meters, the water will pour up to Zone 2, around Montfort Elementary School, Regina and some of the elephant-crawling areas. including the prominent house area Chinda Niwet Village as well,” said NPPO 1

Sudchai added that the amount of water in the Ping River is estimated to be about 3.85 meters high, about 15 centimeters above the critical level as of midnight today. Then it is expected to begin to decline. And it will take no more than 24 hours and is expected to return to normal. for Tha Wang Tan floodgates and floodgates throughout the Ping River down to the end of the city All doors were lifted out of all the water at 5:30 p.m. Tha Wang Tan Police Station The amount equal to the maximum amount when the Mulan impact was 445 cubic meters per second, now the amount of water continues to move up.

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