Buy an iPhone 14, get a ZP model, don’t panic, you’re not alone.

Buy an iPhone 14, get a ZP model, don’t panic, you’re not alone.
Buy an iPhone 14, get a ZP model, don’t panic, you’re not alone.

Finally, the day that many people have been waiting for has arrived with the iPhone 14 series that just launched last week. Is the first country in the world after this year, Apple (Apple) has adjusted Thailand to sell iPhone 14 in Tier 1, which after many people have received the device, whether it’s iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, or iPhone 14 The Pro Max has different issues as to why this year’s machines are sold in Thailand, either at the Apple Store, the phone network, or by Apple’s authorized distributors. In terms of model numbers, it’s ZP/A, not TH/A like the previous year, to show that it’s a machine that’s sold in Thailand.

The showdown team has tried to check the products that are open for order on the Apple website (, which is the same website that many people order to pick up the device at the Apple Store in both branches. It’s clear that the iPhone 14 model will be all the same ZP/A model, no model, color or capacity will receive a TH/A model like any previous model.

Model number iPhone 14 sold in Thailand (ZP/A)

iPhone 14 Pro Max

  • Deep Purple, model MQ9T3ZP/A
  • Space Black (Space Black) Model MQAF3ZP/A
  • Silver (Silver) Model MQ9V3ZP/A
  • Gold (Gold) Model MQAJ3ZP/A

iPhone 14 Pro

  • Deep Purple, model MQ1F3ZP/A
  • Space Black (Space Black) Model MQ2G3ZP/A
  • Silver (Silver) Model MQ103ZP/A
  • Gold (Gold) Model MQ083ZP/A

iPhone 14

  • Blue (Blue) Model MPWP3ZP/A
  • Purple (Purple) Model MPX93ZP/A
  • Midnight Color (Silver) Model MPUF3ZP/A
  • Starlight (Starlight) Model MPX33ZP/A

iPhone 14 Plus

  • Blue (Blue) model MQ583ZP/A
  • Purple (Purple) model MQ5E3ZP/A
  • Midnight Color (Silver) Model MQ4X3ZP/A
  • Starlight color, model MQ553ZP/A
  • Red (PRODUCT)RED Model MQ5F3ZP/A

The iPhone model that was released earlier. Available on Apple’s website, the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone SE still have the same TH/A model number since they were released.

For the warranty or claim You can rest assured that if you buy a device in Thailand, even if it’s a ZP/A model, it doesn’t mean that Apple in Thailand can’t claim it in the event of an accident. official

As for the reason for changing the model number from TH/A to ZP/A in this iPhone 14 model, there is no official information to report. The showdown team expects it to unite the countries of Southeast Asia and Oceania. Noting that with this iPhone 14 model, two other countries have also switched to the ZP/A model: Australia and New Zealand. From the X/A model all the way up to the iPhone 13, along with three other countries where the previous ZP/A model was already in use, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore now have ZP/A models. There are a total of 6 countries, according to the Apple website where the iPhone 14 is available.

But if anyone plans to sell the iPhone 14, then they will be hit by a merchant, a kiosk shop, or someone who will buy it. Because it is not a Thai model, TH/A opened this article to read that Despite the fact that every iPhone 14 that comes out of the Thai center is already a ZP/A model.

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