Chiang Rai prepares for the International Judo Championship

Chiang Rai prepares to host the International Judo Championships “Thailand International Judo Championships 2022”

On September 3, 65, Mrs. Rattana Chongsuthanamanee, President of the Sports Association of Chiang Rai Province along with the Executive Committee of the Sports Association together with Mr. Hassabadin Rojanachiwa, President of the Judo Association of Thailand under royal patronage and judo referees inspect the venue and attend the meeting In preparation for the Thailand International Judo Championships 2022, which will be held during 22-26 September 2022 at the Chiang Rai Municipality Convention Center (GMS Convention Center), Government Center, Rim Kok Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chiang Rai Province

by inspecting the area will use the Jiang Saen building It is a venue for judo tournaments. which is very ready because it is a wide building Can accommodate 2 playing fields and can accommodate a large number of spectators. in the beginning Judo Association of Thailand Chiang Rai Provincial Sports Association and Chiang Rai Municipality Ready to adjust the area to be a competition field that meets international standards Then attended a meeting to summarize the preparation of the competition.

Mr. Hassabadin Rojanachiwa, President of the Judo Association of Thailand Under the Royal Patronage, said thanks to the Sports Association of Chiang Rai Province and Chiang Rai Municipality accept the host in organizing this competition This is considered a good opportunity for the judo athletes of Chiang Rai. to watch international competitions and collect that experience to use in their own competition as well as to stimulate the economy in the area of ​​Chiang Rai Because recently, there are 13 countries that have accepted the competition in which athletes and followers travel to Chiang Rai at least 5-10 people per country. The Sports Association of Chiang Rai Province It is well prepared. both the location opening ceremony including during the competition

On the other hand, Mrs. Rattana Chongsuthanamanee, president of the Sports Association of Chiang Rai Province, said that Chiang Rai Province is considered to be trusted by the Judo Association of Thailand. that chose Chiang Rai as The venue of this international competition However, the organization of such competitions can also raise the level of sports in Chiang Rai. to international standards for the purpose of bringing in mass athletes elevate to excellence including generating income to stimulate the economy of the country’s Chiang Rai province and integrating tourism and sports promotion. jointly between government and private agencies as well as creating guidelines for promoting judo athletes, knowledge, skills and self-development of Chiang Rai Province to be on par with international It also creates an image of the city of Chiang Rai. According to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports has announced Chiang Rai Province as a sports city, Chiangrai Sport City

Thailand International Judo Championships 2022 in Chiang Rai will be held from September 22-26, 2022, divided into 8 men’s categories, 8 women’s categories, standard throws, and Nage-No- men’s categories. Kata 15 throwing poses Standard throwing poses (female type) Ju-No-Kata 15 throwing poses

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