like! The fireman picked up a bag with 4 baht of gold, valuables, and returned it to the tourist.


like! fireman Chiang Mai Municipality Collect a bag with 4 baht of gold and valuables to return to tourists.

Last noon, February 20, 2024, at the Chiang Mai Provincial Police Station, there was Mr. Sumet Sorasak, 39 years old, working as the assistant chief of the San Pa Khoi Fire Station. Under the Chiang Mai Municipality Carrying a light pink women’s bag Inside the bag was gold jewelry. cell phones and a number of other valuables Bring it to the investigating officers of the Chiang Mai Provincial Police Station to announce the search for the owner, fearing that the owner will be in trouble.

While the police were inspecting the bag, it appeared that The owner of the bag was later identified as Mrs. Chayuda, 62 years old, a resident of Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province. Called to reveal that earlier he and Mr. Manat, aged 65 years, husband had driven a pickup truck up to visit Chiang Mai province. And along the way it was The car’s rearview mirror was damaged. Before the incident happened, he had left the hotel. To come and buy a mirror to put in the car. And while he was about to open the door to get into the car, he placed his bag on the edge of the door. and dropped the bag from the car without realizing it When I found out again, I had already retreated for almost half an hour, so I had my husband drive out to look for the missing bag. and with regret for the valuables kept in the bag I thought I would never get it back. Until he called his number and a police officer answered the phone, he quickly came to claim the bag back. along with praising the good citizen who picked up the bag and returned it to him

Manat’s husband is the owner of the bag. A certain amount of cash was given to the good citizen who was able to collect the bag but Sumet’s office Didn’t ask for money and told reporters that Before he could collect the bag, he drove out of the San Pa Khoi fire station and saw a woman’s handbag dropped on the side of the road, almost hit by several cars, so he stopped and picked it up. Come look and find that inside the bag were a lot of gold jewelry, mobile phones and other valuables. Fearing that the owner of the bag would be in trouble, he immediately drove the car and handed it to the police at the police station. As for the part where the owner of the bag gave money as a kindness and didn’t accept it. Because he wants tourists who come to Chiang Mai to come and be happy and to be happy when they go back too. Just being able to return the bag to the owner makes me happy.

The police then asked both parties to return the bags to their owners and record them in a diary as evidence before parting ways and going to the police station.


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