Cabinet approves draft The Equal Marriage Act enters Parliament on December 12th.


The Prime Minister ’emphasizes’ that fighting illegal pigs must be addressed to the main culprits. As for the scandalous stock case Stark-More Co. has expanded the results and revealed that the Ministry of Education responded after ordering to speed up the rice variety certification process, bringing the equal marriage law to parliament on 12 Dec.

At 12.15 on November 21 at the Wat Phra Si Mahathat BTS station. Mr. Settha Thaweesin Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Revealed after the Cabinet meeting that he had given orders to the Minister of Justice, who oversees the Department of Special Investigation (DES), in the matter of suppressing the illegal pork trade. Must be a girl to the main character As for the Stark Company case Corporation Public Company Limited and the matter of More Return Public Company Limited shares has been expanded, which we attach great importance to in this matter.

Mr. Settha said that on November 20th, He had the opportunity to discuss with major rice traders in Thailand. So there was a discussion about the issue of rice. Today, the problem with Thai rice is that our yield per rai is much lower than neighboring countries. One of the reasons is the slow development of Thai rice problems. Received rice variety certification from the Rice Department that was delayed. This makes us slow to bring rice to plant. which he had ordered to Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, which the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives He responded well that he would go take care of the process of requesting rice varieties. So that we have better and higher efficiency and productivity. To be equal to our neighbors

In addition, Mr. Settha said that while meeting Cabinet approves the draft Civil and Commercial Code Act for use in certifying equal marriage This will be taken into consideration at the opening of the council meeting on December 12.

The Prime Minister said that in addition, he had ordered the development of infrastructure. The story of One Stop Service Singer Windows Singer Form It is a collection of agencies to facilitate trading and exporting products abroad. which has a problem with products stuck at the border So we have to do one-stop service. Singer Windows Singer Form therefore ordered the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Public Health Providing one-stop service Singer Windows Singer Form To facilitate the citizens

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