Bangkok residents drowned in PM2.5 dust, found 21 points above the standard. Affects health


In addition, Bangkok has announced guidelines.Solve the PM2.5 problem By joining hands with many sectors to carry out an action plan to solve the PM2.5 dust problem in the Bangkok area in 2024 under the action plan to drive the national agenda. “Solving the problem of dust pollution” 365 days a day, including monitoring and notification

This year, Bangkok has made a risk map, putting information on all risk points that may cause PM2.5 on the map, such as factories, cement plants, construction sites, car paint shops, in order to specify location coordinates. Including being able to check the results of business operations, making it possible for Bangkok and related agencies Able to control the source in more detail in real time

Moreover, Bangkok has improved the AIR BKK application to be able to forecast more accurately. and can forecast 3 days in advance so that people can follow the situation and plan their work and daily life. or avoid risky areas This is because in some dimensions there are factors that cause PM2.5 that are difficult to control.

For the case of burning biomass in Bangkok, there are Nong Chok, Minburi, and Khlong Sam Wa districts where there are already farmers. We will constantly monitor by looking at satellite images. If there is a hot spot, municipal officials will take action at the source.

In terms of caring for and protecting public health There is a dust-free classroom. Installed 300 air purifiers in child care centers and 1,734 air purifiers in kindergartens. Adjust the school’s learning style Distribute face masks and organize mobile medical units in 50 districts. If the dust level exceeds 75.1 micrograms/cubic meter, operations will be raised. By controlling and supervising construction/construction sites Reduced fares for BTS extension and requesting cooperation from networks in both the government and private sectors to work from home

Currently, there are 121 networks registered and ready to join Work From Home if dust levels are high, and 102 places interested in joining, totaling 47,677 employees.

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