Introducing the 4th newborn “baby tapir” at Songkhla Zoo. Prepare for a naming contest soon.


Hat Yai News Center – Introducing a new member, “Baby Tapir”, a protected wild animal in Thailand. It is the 4th cub of “Mae Mae” and “Father Thongpoon”, tapirs at Songkhla Zoo. Staff arrange fruits, leaves, and decorate them to eat in a more special way every day. Preparing for a naming contest soon.

Today (21 Nov.) at Songkhla Zoo Success in breeding tapirs Thailand’s protected wildlife is on the verge of extinction when “Mae Mae” the tapir at Songkhla Zoo Gave birth to the 4th child along with the introduction of the baby tapir. New member of Songkhla Zoo Let tourists see its cuteness today.

“Baby Tapir” this new member Born on October 18, 2023, female, 1 month 3 days old, in good health. He is the child of Father Thongpoon and Mother E Mae. This is the 4th cub of Mae Mae and when born it has a melon pattern on the side of its body.

Mr. Pichet Tapanawat, Director of Songkhla Zoo, revealed that today is the day of the launch of the baby tapir. New member of Songkhla Zoo Officials have arranged fruit Leaves that tapirs like Come hang decorations to make your food more special every day in the temporary display section. With the mother tapir taking care of the little ones closely.

Ready to open for tourists to see baby tapirs. New members of Songkhla Zoo on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, 2 rounds per day, first round at 10:00 a.m., second round at 2:00 p.m. at the tapir temporary exhibition area. Including preparing a naming contest for baby tapirs. Win prizes soon too.

As for the 5 Malay tapirs at the Songkhla Zoo, they are named as follows: the mother’s name is “Mae Mae”, the father’s name is “Thongpoon”, and the 3 offspring are named Thong Muan, Nokwee, and Ploythong. For information for those interested in naming their children. tapir Songkhla Zoo’s new member, the 4th one, in order to rhyme with the 3 siblings, Thong Muan, Whistle, and Ploy Thong.

As for “Mae Mae”, she is a Malayan tapir with an interesting history. From the hunter’s trap In the past, Songkhla Zoo We received a report from the villagers to help this tapir. caught in the hunter’s snare and Songkhla Zoo officials can help and brought them into foster care until they were normal



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