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Open to the cold breeze How to fashion a sweater? Suitable for Thailand | Thaiger Thai news


Cold winds have been blowing in Thailand since mid-November. Although winter in Thailand is not very cold, But in some areas, such as the northern and northeastern regions, temperatures may be below 10 degrees on some days, and this would be a good time to pick up fashionable winter clothes. We are here to tell you how to choose sweaters and match winter fashion looks that are suitable for the cold weather in Thailand.

Temperature 5 -10 degrees Celsius

Temperature 5-10 degrees Celsius, which is common in the northern and northeastern regions during the winter. Recommended to wear as a warm sweater. Match with trousers. Reach for a long skirt. Or maybe a thick hoodie? To add warmth to the body

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Temperature 15 – 20 degrees Celsius

Temperature 15 – 20 degrees Celsius is cool. Suitable for wearing thicker clothing such as a shirt, thin wool sweater, or wearing normal clothes and layering with a cardigan. silk vest In order to wear comfortably, it does not cause Uncomfortable or too hot

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However, the temperature during winter in Thailand will be 15-20 degrees or early 20 degrees. The weather is still not very cold. A sweater suitable for temperatures of 15-20 degrees Celsius is a cardigan style sweater. sweater or long sleeve t-shirt It is another option that is suitable for winter in central Thailand or if anyone is planning to travel in the northern or northeastern provinces if the weather is 10-15 degrees, which is the general weather in the northern region and Isaan during winter We recommend wearing a thick sweater and hoodie to add warmth to your body.


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