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Achan Ramkhamhaeng says there’s something hidden, invites you to ‘decipher the code of 2 famous temples’, bringing back the 90s gimmick ‘Slow Life’, making you know how to wait.


Acharn Ram says there is something hidden, invites you to decipher the code of 2 famous temples on the Phra Nakhon side. Going back to the gimmicks of the 90s, slow life makes you know how to wait.

Continuing FEED, a lifestyle content producer under the Matichon Group, is preparing to hold an event. “FEED RETRO Music & Food Fest #90s not long ago” From 24 – 26 November at the National Discovery Museum or Museum Siam, within the event there will be a gathering of famous singers of the era to perform live music. Filled with delicious dishes from legendary restaurants in the Night Book Fair zone. #I’m still reading yesterday. and special activities that cannot be missed, such as Talk in the Garden with legendary figures from many circles. amidst the cold wind which will bring back memories Go back to the 1990s or 90s.

On November 17 Mr. Thanachot Kiatnaphat Lecturer, Department of Thai and Oriental Languages Faculty of Humanities Ramkhamhaeng University Mention activities “Walking Trip from yesterday to new art” which he will come to take a tour New art in the reign of King Rama 4-5The transition from old art to new art with Ratchabophit Temple and Ratchapradit Temple” During 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. on November 26th.

Mr. Thanachot said Such activities He will come to describe various places and stories. Near the Siam Museum area, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok, there are 3 routes. He will lecture on the topic. ‘From yesterday to new art’ during the period of Wat Ratchabophit Sathitmahasimaram Ratchaworawihan. and Ratchapradit Sathitmahasimaram Temple This is a temple that existed during the reigns of King Rama IV and King Rama V. It is an art form during the transitional period when we began to receive Western influence. Come and mix together in Thai style or simply say Wat Ratchapradit. It is a temple during the reign of King Rama IV that has an artistic style. influence arrived Creation of Wat Ratchabophit In the reign of King Rama 5 as well

Mr. Thanachot said that for the topic “From yesterday to new art” it is a concept that interprets knowledge in a new way. During the reign of King Rama IV that the temple was in the royal style. What should it be like? Wat Ratchapradit has an inscription from King Rama IV that talks about the idea of ​​building a temple. It’s called having a royal temple. There are very few places where such an inscription can be found. which is inscribed with the royal handwriting It is also the signature of King Rama IV at the temple.

“We’re going to decode it. What are both Wat Ratchabophit and Wat Ratchapradit? What is there that represents King Rama IV and King Rama V in terms of artistic style?” Mr. Thanachot revealed.

Mr. Thanachot said that the 90s were a turning point. Between the analogue and digital phases Starting to have a lot of conveniences coming in. Start using computers It is more modern.

When asked about your impressions of the 90s?

Mr. Thanachot revealed that The truth of that era It has a high slow life. It makes us learn to wait. It’s an era that doesn’t want anything fast. The fastest thing in that era was probably the ‘pager’. We had to wait a bit before we could send each other. The charm is here.

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Like music Nowadays we have YouTube. Press listen and it will go up. But in the past, we had to listen to the radio, telephone calls, or TV programs. And we still have to wait for the day the tapes and CDs will be released. When they come out, we have to pay money to come see them and listen to how they are sung, who wrote them, and who arranged them. The cover of the tape is another charm as well.

I still use tape cassettes today. It is considered a rare item. The gimmick is taking a pen or pencil and turning it. It can rewind tapes. Doing this was considered a charm in that era. But now just press pause (Pause).” Mr. Thanachot revealed.

Mr. Thanachot added that the “Walking Trip activity from yesterday to new art” tells the story of the symbolism of King Rama IV and King Rama V while also having Western elements mixed in as well.

He will begin by taking you to see the area of ​​Museum Siam. What palace used to be before? Then, travel to Wat Ratchapradit. To see what the concept of this temple is. Through the King Rama IV stone inscription and the temple layout What is the idea of ​​King Rama IV? Because he revived Ayutthaya. come as well

“Like the chedi, which is a Lanka-shaped chedi. It is considered to be the royal preference of King Rama IV and the word ‘Mahasimaram’. Why must we use this word? It is because there is ‘Sima’ surrounding the temple, most importantly in the ordination hall of Wat Ratchapradit. There will be mural paintings called ‘Royal Twelve Months Ceremony’, which the concept of painting is different from the previous period which would be ‘Jataka’ or the life of the Buddha. But in this era, the picture was chosen as the image of the twelve-month royal ceremony.

Then we will cross the ferry to see Wat Ratchabophit. This is a temple that King Rama V established. and received ideas for making a temple map We will also look at artistic styles such as making ‘Benjarong glazed tiles’ around the pagoda. which is called a King Rama V temple, fully following the tradition

“I would like to invite you to join and explore the entire temple. Wat Ratchabophit and Wat Ratchapradit Come look and find books. Come enjoy the atmosphere of the 90s. Come walk around and see temples in an era that may be even older than the 90s. Inside the event there will be a guide to the 90s, considered to be a trip back in time. and be teenagers together.” Mr. Thanachot said

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