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Not free anymore, in mid-January 2024, the fare for the Green Line extension was collected at 15 baht throughout the line, throwing ‘Mhadthai’ into debt settlement.


‘Chatchart’ reveals that Bangkok has postponed the collection of fares for the Green Line extension to January 2024, the fare will be 15 baht for the entire line, ready to throw ‘Mahadthai’ to settle the debt.

Mr. Chatchat Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok (Bangkok), revealed the progress of private debt repayment guidelines for the Green Line electric train project. that from before BMA considers paying for the installation of the signaling system (E&M) of the Green Line. The second extension is due for payment of approximately 23 billion baht. Currently, it has been submitted to the Ministry of Interior for consideration. Before submitting to the Cabinet (Cabinet) meeting, this matter according to the process needs to be submitted to the Ministry of Interior and the Cabinet for interpretation of the payment of expenses to the private sector.

Because this part of the contract was found to be subject to Section 44 orders regarding concession contract negotiations, resulting in Bangkok being unable to immediately use the accumulated deficit funds of approximately 50 billion baht to pay the private sector. Because according to the process it must be considered by the Ministry of Interior, Cabinet and brought back to the House of Representatives. BMA considers approval

“Currently, accumulated debt in the Green Line electric train project is increasing every day. Bangkok must continue to negotiate with the private sector. This matter has been discussed with the private sector all along. And we want this matter to end as soon as possible. But it depends on government policy. Section 44 should also be considered as to what the guidelines will be,” Mr. Chatchat said.

Mr. Chatchat said As for the debt for operating and maintenance of the Green Line Project, Extension 1 and Extension 2, the BMA has currently filed an appeal of the case and is still being considered by the Administrative Court. By this portion of debt Bangkok waits for the decision of the Administrative Court. Before determining the next course of action, BMA admitted that the dispute occurred regarding the Green Line project. The starting point was an action that was not taken into consideration by the council. Bangkok correctly

Mr. Chatchat also said that Bangkok is scheduled to start collecting fares for the Green Line. Extension 2, Bearing-Samut Prakan section and the Mo Chit-Saphan Mai-Khu Khot section at a rate of 15 baht throughout the line in mid-January 2024 in order to bring this fare revenue to pay to the private sector in some parts that are not within the time frame of the dispute. In order to prevent the debt from operating wages from increasing continuously.

Mr. Chatchat said that the process of collecting fares for the Green Line electric train As for the second extension, the BMA has currently sent a letter requesting opinions to the Ministry of Transport. Ready to discuss guidelines for collecting fares. The Ministry of Transport has no problems. After this, there will be the process of issuing an announcement from Bangkok regarding setting fares for the Green Line electric train. To notify the public 30 days in advance before starting to collect fares.

“Right now, the private bus operator is preparing to install a fare collection reader system. It is expected that if BMA issues an announcement to collect fares in mid-December. It will take time to install the system and complete it. Fare collection will begin after the new year. In mid-January 2024,” Mr. Chatchat said.

Mr. Chatchat said that in addition, it is expected that during the first period when fare collection began, people would use the service less. After the current 2nd extension section, Bearing-Samut Prakan section and the Mo Chit-Saphan Mai-Khu Khot section There are 400,000 passengers traveling per day. and the main green line Mo Chit Station – On Nut Station and Stadium Station – Saphan Taksin Station Including the 1st extension of the Sukhumvit Line (On Nut Station – Bearing Station) and the Silom Line Extension. (Saphan Taksin Station – Bang Wa Station) has a passenger volume of approximately 1 million trips per day.

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