“Noble” pendant AMLO-Central Investigation Hurry to crack down on call center gangs

“Noble” pendant AMLO-Central Investigation Hurry to crack down on call center gangs
“Noble” pendant AMLO-Central Investigation Hurry to crack down on call center gangs
“Noble” pendant AMLO-Central Investigation Accelerate the solution to the call center gang problem. systematically and decisively after mixing with Thai people in Lao Kai

Mr. Prasert Chandraruangthung, Minister of Digital Economy and Society or DES, spoke about the case of helping Thai people from Lao Kai town. Myanmar which includes the call center gang, saying that the entire system must be wiped out. Because people who have made mistakes repeat the same mistakes again and again. Not afraid of being put in jail But I’m more afraid of confiscation. In this matter, he has coordinated with the Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) to investigate the financial route and give orders to the Central Investigation Commander in his capacity as the Chairman of the Technology Crime Suppression Subcommittee. Let’s proceed with this matter systematically and resolutely.

As for how to emphasize what needs to be done in such cases, Mr. Prasert said it was a difficult matter to specify. Because the process of people leaving the country is a matter of the Immigration Police (Immigration), which is the duty of the officials involved. What did he do when traveling out of the country, doing business or doing something abroad? It is doubtful that crossing the border to Lao Kai City. Myanmar To go to work or conduct business is unlikely. Because it is well known that this city is not a business city where Thai people can go and do business The Thai people who returned were divided into 2 groups, the first group was 41 people? Those returning to the Mae Sai side are undergoing screening in Chiang Rai province, and the second group therefore returned yesterday. There are 266 people undergoing screening as well. In the first group, there were arrest warrants for seven people related to the call center gang, and another three people had drug and labor fraud cases. As for the second group of 266 people, some of them have criminal cases pending and are being investigated by the police.

As for Thailand being considered a land of scammers, tourists are afraid to travel. Mr. Prasert said that it is not only Thailand, but he believes that this gang is rampant in many countries, whether in China or many other countries. which the Thai authorities are taking steps to strictly suppress The return of victims from Myanmar will lead to large-scale repression. This is an urgent matter that the Ministry must act on, but must be integrated with many agencies such as the Ministry of Interior. Thailand Ministry of Defense

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