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PTT Station joins in adding happiness to the community at “Termsuk Market”, Maha Sarakham Province.


Mr. Wiboon Waewbundit, Governor of Maha Sarakham Province andMr. Thanatphon Dulalumpa, Oil Retail Strategy and Marketing Manager, PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited (OR) Attend the opening ceremony Termsuk Market, Maha Sarakham Province Expand happiness to farmers, communities, and local entrepreneurs in a sustainable way. Through market activities that collect products from farmers and communities in the area. local food and great Thai products from communities all over the country which are specially selected from OR Come and choose. Shop products to your heart’s content inside.PTT Service Station Move forward to increase opportunities to generate income for the community. which in the past Term Suk Market We received a great response from people and the local community.

for“Termsuk Market” activity, Maha Sarakham Province Held at PTT Station, Isan Service Headquarters (Head Office), Maha Sarakham Province, on 17 -19 November 2023. In addition to consumers being able to experience the local flavor by performing long drums. Chai Noi Siang Sawan Create color within the event You can also join in fulfilling happiness for people and the environment while getting to know the local identity at the same time. Additionally, you can enjoy more than 30 shops participating in the activity, which are divided into zones: Pansuk area zone that collects produce and community products from farmers and communities in the area, along with A famous shop zone that you can’t miss. Find local products and famous restaurants in the area gathered in this market. allowing consumers to choose, taste, and shop famous products in the province in one place and Delicious Thai zone that joins in celebrating the 5th anniversary of being proud to be beside the community Raising an army of good products, cool products that have been selected from communities all over the country for you to buy. This is considered another opportunity to help create careers and generate income for the community as well, such as Mae Lamduan brand fermented fish chili paste, crispy fried insects From community enterprises in Khon Kaen Province Dried Thai Khanom Jeen, Mr.BOB brand, from the Kalasin Province Community Enterprise Group. Vietnamese noodles in semi-finished form (Tom Jab Ubon) from entrepreneurs in Ubon Ratchathani Province andSupattra fried fermented fish From the Wisdom Conservation Community Enterprise Group Nakhon Ratchasima Province etc.

Come join in fulfilling every happiness for people. Create income for the community with “Termsuk Market” with special promotions Get it for free! “Cloth bag from Termsuk Market” For attendees byYou can follow the Termsuk Market activity calendar every weekend in November – December 2023. that will travel to add happiness all over the country at Facebook Fanpage: Where is the closest PTT Station? Go support the community there. Or for more information, call 1365 Contact Center.

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