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The car of a young mother and child caught fire. She parked the car and fled in time. The entire motorcycle burned in Prachinburi Province.


Prachinburi – The car of a young mother and child caught on fire. She parked the car and fled in time, causing the entire motorcycle to burn. The accident occurred near Khlong Chao Raeng Bridge. Ban Trok Pla Lai, Yan Ree Subdistrict, Kabin Buri District, Prachin Buri Province

On November 20, 2023, reporters reported that Police Lieutenant Colonel Kittisak Khammana, inspector on investigation duty Kabinburi Police Station, Prachinburi Province, was informed that A motorcycle fire broke out on the Ban Trok Pla Lai-Ban Song intersection. The incident occurred near Khlong Chao Raeng Bridge. Ban Trok Pla Lai, Yan Ree Subdistrict, Kabin Buri District, Prachin Buri Province, the said car. The whole car was burned down. The driver was not found. After notifying the car patrol to investigate the incident. They also rushed to inspect the scene and did not find the driver at the scene. that there was any injury or death, with villagers, the village headman, and the village headman assistant Helped put out the fire At the scene, it was learned that it was a blue Honda Wave motorcycle, registration number 9กฌ-8964, Bangkok, that had collapsed in the middle of the road and was completely burned down.

Mr. Bang Chaiyasunthorn, Assistant Village Headman, Village No. 6, said he was notified by the village headman to come and investigate the motorcycle fire. While coming out to inspect, it was found that The car was almost completely damaged by fire, so they coordinated with the Subdistrict Administrative Organization to request a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. The driver was not found injured or dead at the scene. And I don’t know what brand of car it is, what license plate it is, who is driving it.

Meanwhile, Mr. Yongyut Noibon, whose original house was in Kabin Subdistrict, came to show himself to be the owner of the car. By informing the police that At approximately 9:00 a.m. while his girlfriend was driving past the scene of the incident. In order to go do business at Ban Nong Chang Long, at that time my girlfriend said that she felt hot next to the gas tank. When he looked down, it appeared that The car was on fire, so he stopped to call for help. At that time, there were no cars passing by. So he stood and watched almost the whole car burn. And there was a water truck passing by. So I asked for help. but was refused assistance So he decided to walk away from the scene of the incident. Went to ask for help from the villagers of Ban Trok Pla Lai. Which is 200 meters from the scene of the incident.

Ms. Amon Uan, Mr. Yongyut’s wife, said that in the morning she would drive to run errands. When he arrived at the scene, he felt a hot sensation on his leg next to the fuel tank, so he looked down and realized that there was a fire. So I decided to park the car. Come down and ask for help. During that time, no cars passed by until a water vending truck passed by. Asking for help, the driver said he was in a hurry to deliver something so he decided to walk 200 meters to ask for help from the villagers. and told her husband and relatives to come look at the scene The police then gave the car back to the house. To process claims from car dealers and insurance

News-Photos by/Thongsuk Singphim

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