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Passed the exam in 3 subjects.

Passed the exam in 3 subjects.
Passed the exam in 3 subjects.

The outstanding feature of Prime Minister Settha Thavisin is his diligence in working without fatigue. He is a Prime Minister who is ready to go to work seven days a week. He is really fit. His Majesty.

Considered the aspect of dedication to work Prime Minister Settha passed the exam for sure.

“Mae Luk Chan” pointed out that “Prime Minister Settha” had just flown back from a meeting with leaders. APEC in America yesterday

Spending 5 days on American soil was worth every minute.

Able to negotiate bilaterally to strengthen relations with government leaders of 5 countries, meeting the target

There was also a queue to meet and negotiate with executives of 15 major American companies in order to attract them to invest in expanding businesses and setting up production bases in Thailand.

It appears that all 15 companies responded and confirmed that they would invest in Thailand.

Some companies signed MOUs. will invest a large sum of money to expand production base to Thailand

And many companies will send executives to survey new factory locations before the end of the year.

“Mae Luk Chan” sees that the highlight of “Prime Minister Settha” means having good human relations. friendly Be sincere and have persuasive rhetoric for world-class giants. Choose Thailand as a production base in Asia.

It is considered that going to the APEC leaders’ meeting this time, Prime Minister Settha wore the spirit of a salesman to attract big customers and the results were more successful than expected. Able to absorb large amounts of foreign investment into the country.

As for bilateral negotiations, strengthening relations with leaders of friendly countries’ governments

Bring tangible benefits to Thailand

Prime Minister Settha plays an appropriate role in foreign affairs. not too quiet and not over the top

Focus on being friendly to all countries. Do not tilt too much to any side.

Considered a subject of international relations Prime Minister Settha passed the exam with ease.

“Mae Luk Chan” concludes that “Prime Minister Settha” has passed 2 required subjects.

As for the Prime Minister’s course, it is considered to have passed the exam as well.

But driving forward the government’s domestic policy is still chaotic and not as smooth as it should be.

It is also a big homework assignment. Prime Minister Settha must pass the exam within 6 months!!

The problem is A coalition government consisting of ministers from various political parties

Each minister aims to gain popularity for his own party.

As a result, the driving force of government policy is still not coordinated and uniform.

What is clearly seen is Digital money distribution policy, which is the main policy of the Pheu Thai Party not supported from the coalition government unanimously 100 percent

If we still stab each other like this It’s hard to keep walking.

“Mother of the Moon”

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