Kwangtri joins hands to exchange experiences and cooperation in information…

Kwangtri joins hands to exchange experiences and cooperation in information…
Kwangtri joins hands to exchange experiences and cooperation in information…

at Kaeng Kabao conference room, 3rd floor, Mukdahan City Hall Mr. Worayan Bunnarat, Governor of Mukdahan Province Chairing the opening of the meeting Exchange experiences and cooperate in information Between Mukdahan Province – Kwang Tri Province Socialist Republic of Vietnam, with attendees consisting of Provincial public relations Provincial Press Association Director of Thailand Radio Broadcasting Station, Mukdahan Province Government agencies and representatives of Kwang Tri Province Led by Deputy Director of Information and Communications Nguyen Hoan and leaders of Quang Tri newspaper. Provincial radio and television stations, Cua Viet magazine and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Worayan Bunnarat, Governor of Mukdahan Province Confirmed the cooperation between the two provinces, Mukdahan-Kwangtri. and will develop relationships and cooperation as sister cities to be better forever which exchanges information on developments in various fields It will help create more awareness.

Governor of Mukdahan Province Young said that Mukdahan Province attaches importance to tourism development, especially tourism along the Mekong River. which has the Mekong River and the Friendship Bridge 2 connecting Savannakhet Province (Laos). There are many beautiful tourist attractions, including natural attractions. and tourist attractions that have been modernized There is also a diversity of ethnic groups, including Thais, Laos, Vietnamese, Chinese, which Mukdahan province will focus on using in developing tourism, attracting both domestic and foreign tourists. and abroad especially Laos and Vietnam

Mrs. Wanwipha Phaengkaew, public relations officer for Mukdahan Province, said The meeting reviewed the status of the implementation of the cooperation agreement for joint development between Mukdahan Province of the Kingdom of Thailand and Quang Tri Province, Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 2005 according to the minutes of the meeting on cooperation in trade, investment, tourism, labor and Public relations between 3 provinces/provinces: Quang Tri (Socialist Republic of Vietnam), Savannakhet (People’s Republic of Lao People’s Democratic Party) and Mukdahan (Kingdom of Thailand) 2022 at Muang Dong Ha City, Quang Tri Province. From 23 June to 25 June 2022

This meeting It was discussed and agreed communication cooperation and public relations To take advantage of the development of cooperation in both economic and investment and tourism, as well as strengthen friendly relations to be sustainable between the two provinces by agreeing to exchange information through print media and programs on television, radio, newspapers, online media in Vietnamese, English and Thai, published in the media of the two provinces, 2 pieces/month through news in the form of written documents (text), still images ( still image), animation, graphics, sound using 3 languages: Vietnamese, English, Thai, with the president of the Mukdahan Provincial Press Association. Join in signing this cooperation as well.

Department of Information and Communications, Quang Tri Province There is still an expectation that The two provinces will have exchange activities and communication activities between the two provinces. It is an annual activity. To exchange information and share media experiences Promote the exchange of experiences and professional expertise in mass media and communication. In this meeting to exchange experiences and cooperate in information. Between 17-18 November 2023, a delegation from Quang Tri Province also visited the Thailand Broadcasting Station, Mukdahan Province. Phu Pha Thoep National Park and Wat Roy Phra Phutthabat Phu Manorom

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Reporter: Wanwipa Phaengkaew

Composer: Thanyarat Teerahiranwat

Source: Mukdahan Provincial Public Relations Office

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