Investigate Immigration Division 1 to integrate the mobilization to sweep up foreign beggars. Along the sidewalk Bangkok – Siam Rath


Date: 21 November 2023, according to the policy of Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, Pol. Gen. Torsak Sukwimon, Police Commander, Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, Deputy Commander. The police supervise security work and Pol. Gen. Thana Chuwong, deputy police commander, is responsible for investigative work. Ordered to give policy Immigration Bureau, led by Pol. Lt. Gen. Itthiphon Ittisanronnachai, Commander-in-Chief of the Immigration Bureau, and Pol. Maj. Gen. Phanthana Nuchanart, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Immigration Bureau, are strict and increase the strictness of security measures by having the immigration officers responsible for the work suppression investigation Emphasis on integration with international security agencies. About cooperation in suppressing transnational crimes

Pol. Maj. Gen. Prasat Khemaprasit, Commander of Immigration Region 1, Pol. Col. Rapeepat Utsaha, Deputy Commander of Immigration Region 1, received the report from Pol. Col. Kajapon Patha. Mang, Superintendent of Investigation, Immigration Division 1, said that Immigration Division 1 by the Investigation Division Receive complaints and clues Both hotline channels 1178 and social media About illegal entry into begging of foreign persons In the Bangkok area Especially in the business district in the heart of Bangkok. As shown in various media

Pol. Col. Kajphon Pathamang, the investigative director, ordered Pol. Lt. Col. Suriya Puangsombat, the deputy investigative superintendent, to lead the immigration police force. Sondhi is joining forces with Officials from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and Lumpini Police Station inspected the area of ​​Sukhumvit Road and nearby areas. To create a good image and prevent human trafficking By using children and foreigners as tools for begging They inspected and found that on the side of Sukhumvit Road, around Nana BTS Station, Khlong Toei Subdistrict, Khlong Toei District, Bangkok, there were several persons suspiciously resembling aliens, spread out, sitting or lying in the said area. and behave in a begging manner Some groups brought children to join in begging, so the officials Present yourself as an immigration police officer and show your identification card. Therefore, he asked to check his identity documents.

In this regard, foreign persons who are being inspected Passport and/or any other documents cannot be shown to the staff. Those arrested included two Lao people and two Cambodians who confessed that Smuggled into the kingdom to beg for alms Because they saw that they were comfortable and that their income was sufficient for their lifestyle. Initially, the arresting officers were not yet convinced. He was detained for further investigation into the process of bringing foreigners to beg alms. that there are others involved In seeking benefit from the begging of this group of foreigners or not?

Then report the charges against 4 foreign persons, saying they are foreign persons who traveled and stayed in the Kingdom without permission and did not pass the inspection of the Immigration officers. Channels allowed according to law. and acts of begging Then the rights of the arrested person were informed. Detained and prosecuted according to law.

Immigration Office Asking for the cooperation of the citizens in helping to keep an eye and ear and report clues. We would like to inform you that the Immigration Bureau has measures in place to inspect, tighten, and suppress offenses in various areas. Including investigating foreigners who have inappropriate behavior break the law Cause danger to the peace and safety of people’s lives and property. causing damage to the image of the nation If any member of the public sees any evidence of a crime being committed. Please notify me. Immigration Office, No. 507 Soi Suan Phlu, Thung Maha Mek Subdistrict, Sathon District, Bangkok 10120 or at the hotline number 1178.

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