“Tisha” awakens child protection workers, adds courage, creates a network to break through problems.


“Auntie Mon” Ticha wakes up child protection workers Add courage, reduce rituals and events, build networks to break through problems. Don’t be satisfied with just success like Case by Case. Let’s do it for real, continuously, dynamically and using shared power.

On 21 November 2023, reporters reported that A forum to join forces among those working in the field of child protection and safety, organized by the network of those working in the field of child and youth development. Bangkok UNICEF (Thailand) Department of Children and Youth Affairs Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (Ministry of Social Development and Human Security) and the Office of Child Health Support youth and family Thai Health Promotion Foundation (Thai Health Promotion Foundation)

During one part of the event, Mrs. Ticha Na Nakorn, Director of the Children and Youth Training and Training Center Advisor to the Children, Youth and Family Foundation gave a lecture on the topic of child protection in the changing social context. By focusing on participation and keeping the best interests of children at the center. This content was published on the Children’s Foundation’s page. youth and family

Mrs. Ticha Na Nakorn said that today she would like permission to use her voice, use her power, use her courage, to speak on behalf of the children, not in the name of love. good wishes To show maturity and kindness metaphysically Which I personally consider to be a ritual that is not very intimate. Today, I would like to speak on behalf of those affected by the trauma of children. This is because they do not have access to rights, opportunities, dreams, creative spaces. Including growing up under an authoritarian system that is a legacy of sin from the old generation to the new generation. which has contributed to pushing some children to fall into “Society’s big black hole” The black hole that children not the one who created it But it comes from a lack of courage in the decisions of responsible adults. Adults born first in various names such as political parties, governments, government organizations, business groups, capital groups, even NGOs. that cannot push forward visionary public policy for children Including over 20 million families to grow under a suitable social ecosystem.

“When the country’s public policy does not have a vision or Empower positive energy to children, all “products, results, and impacts” inevitably fall on the children. Especially children with low life capital, children with wounds, their lives will be ruined before anyone else’s. But what’s even more shameful is that When an ordinary child One person must be traumatized. Injured from not having access to rights, opportunities, dreams, creative spaces. At the same time, they must bear the legacy of sin in the name of the authoritarian system that adults worship, which affects children. in various forms, such as some children – some groups that are sensitive to rights violations Freedom and counterattack in various forms, not conforming, must rebel, must roar in order to protect ideas. own beliefs As for some children – some groups Becoming a loser in society in the form of a victim Especially victims at the lowest level of victims, such as children in human trafficking, sex business, and drugs, while some children – some groups Become a perpetrator or a victim who is stronger than the victim. By nurturing yourself to be stronger and more aggressive in order to be a survivor in a society that is hopeless, has no identity, and has no value at the moment the above phenomenon occurs. The voices of harsh scolding, contempt, inferiority, and pushing children away from society are deafening and collapsing, while those who protect children still do not exist and are still the sound of silence in the area of ​​safety. Even though those people have positions, responsibilities, and responsibilities for children according to the law,” Mrs. Ticha said.

Mrs. Ticha further said that for people who are angry at children. They must have completely forgotten that. Both himself as a person who curses, both as a child “No one wishes to be born. to be a loser to be bad to be hated to be a criminal” But it is undeniable that mistakes, aggression, stubbornness, retaliation, and not conforming of human children being created by the state through a hostile social ecosystem Not safe and empowered, but more dark than light. While the responsibilities of political parties, government, government organizations, business groups, capital groups, including NGO groups and first-born people Instead, they didn’t adjust, they didn’t adjust the rules, they didn’t adjust the laws. Do not adjust mechanisms, especially mechanisms related to children. To be a humanist mechanism for children’s rights that is strong and courageous, challenging every obstacle in order to reach the maximum benefit of children. Youth is meant for mistakes and subtle remedies, so it’s just soft power in textbooks in conference rooms. Personally, I believe that It’s not because those adults have no knowledge or budget. No resources But what’s missing is the courage to step out. From a space of safety with passion for the new world social order for stable, safe, beautiful growth based on international children’s rights. It seems like… holding hands is woven together into a network, a Net Work in each mission. Each festival of various organizations in society is not for Movement, not for Attack, things that threaten rights, opportunities, dreams, creative spaces. and the authoritarian system, but it is Net work to complete the ritual, end the event, and enter the next new event.

“If the cooperation of those with authority at the decision-making level both at home and abroad, which has happened and passed hundreds of times, thousands of times, tens of thousands of times, can overcome the success of Day by Day / Case by Case or a neat ritual- Beautiful but fragile “Towards…actual action – continuous action Be consistent – act dynamically – act beyond limits – act on the principle of shared power – act seamlessly” under public policy for children over 20 million youth and families with a vision Most importantly, full of strong beliefs and strong faith in human beings as children. “That’s it!” is the answer we are looking for” because…children are not just children. But he is a very special seed. that the world has given to us The future of children is therefore not just the future of individuals. But it is the future of society. of the country and the world Finally, don’t forget to remind yourself. Before saying that Children these days…” Mrs. Ticha said.

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