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“Wanchai” opposes amendments to Section 13 of the Referendum Act. Believe it is not an obstacle in the way of solving the constitution.

“Wanchai” opposes amendments to Section 13 of the Referendum Act. Believe it is not an obstacle in the way of solving the constitution.
“Wanchai” opposes amendments to Section 13 of the Referendum Act. Believe it is not an obstacle in the way of solving the constitution.

“Wanchai” reveals that the Political Committee has not yet submitted a dissenting opinion on amending Section 13 of the Referendum Act. But in my personal opinion, it should not be fixed. The reason is not an obstacle to amend the constitution. Ready to see that the amendment process requires the use of a joint committee because it is a national reform committee.

Today (21 Nov.) Mr. Wanchai Sonsiri, Senator, is the Deputy Chairman of the Committee (Committee) on Political Development. public participation Referring to the case of Mr. Nikorn Chamnong, chairman of the sub-committee listening to public opinions. About the guidelines for holding a referendum To amend the 2017 Constitution, prepare to present to the large referendum committee on 24 November to propose amending the Act (Act) regarding referendum, Section 13 regarding the criteria for passing a referendum, saying that he does not agree with the idea that Will amend the Referendum Act. Because the criteria set out in Section 13 were carefully considered. However, in his capacity as a former committee member, he considered the draft referendum bill. Consider that the criteria used are the rules for the referendum to pass. The whole issue must have more than half of those eligible to come out and exercise their rights. And the criteria for passing a referendum that requires more than half of the votes of those who come out to exercise their rights will make a referendum on any matter That has been accepted, for example in the case of a referendum asking about opening a casino in the country. It is necessary to gain a recognized consensus. So it will be considered righteous.

When asked if they do not agree to change Will the Political Committee make a letter or dissenting opinion to the referendum committee? Mr. Wanchai said that he would have to wait and discuss at the meeting of the Political Development Committee. It is expected that there will be a meeting next week. But if during this time there is an opinion asked Will present a response issue.

“I do not see that the criteria under Section 13 of the referendum law will be a deadlock that prevents the constitutional amendment from being passed because if there is a widespread campaign, it is believed that people will be able to come out and exercise their rights according to the criteria. However, if thinking about amending the Referendum Act I’m afraid it’s a matter of thinking about minor issues. that may prevent the referendum from taking place This includes amending the constitution.

When asked about the debate about the process for amending the Referendum Act, whether it must follow normal procedures or use a joint parliamentary committee. Because the source is considered a law in the national reform category, Mr. Wanchai said that he views that if the source uses the method of consideration according to the process of the national reform law. Therefore, amendments should follow the same process, which is to use a joint committee of the parliament to consider.

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