NPS aims for clean energy, starting COD, the largest floating solar power plant project in Thailand, 60 MW.


National Power Supply Public Company Limited or NPS, a producer and distributor of electricity and steam, moves forward with the largest floating solar power plant project in Thailand, Prachinburi Province, in 3 phases, with a total production capacity of 150 MW, beginning. Supplying commercial electricity (COD) in the first 2 phases, then 60 MW, supporting government policy to push every sector to use clean energy in order for Thailand to achieve the goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and zero greenhouse gas emissions (Net- zero GHG emission) by 2065 and also to meet the clean energy needs of customers of industrial factories in Industrial Park 304.

Mr. Yothin Damnoenchanwanit President of National Power Supply Public Company Limited revealed that in the past 3-4 years Industrial enterprises from Europe and the Asia Pacific region have increasingly moved their production bases to Industrial Park 304, Prachinburi Province. This is partly due to the trade war between the United States and China. and economic sanctions in many countries It is also about industry operators themselves turning their attention to the use of clean energy in producing products in order to reflect to consumers that they are responsible for climate change and environmental impacts. NPS therefore We have adjusted our strategy to be able to allocate clean energy to supply customers who need this type of energy adequately and with stability. Currently, there is a floating solar power plant project in Prachinburi Province. Commercial power supply has been completed in 2 phases, 30 MW each, for a total of 60 MW.

“We started supplying electricity to The first two phases of the floating solar power plant project entered the commercial system (COD) of 60 MW in October. And in addition to these two phases, We also have a 90 MW Phase 3 floating solar power plant project that is currently being installed. It is expected to be completed in 2024, which will allow NPS to have production capacity from the floating solar power plant project of 150 MW and increase the company’s total electricity production capacity from 770 MW to 920 MW.

All of this in order to follow the company’s desired strategy. Reduce fuel costs and respond to the needs of customers in 304 Industrial Park who place importance on the use of clean energy in the production process. Moreover, the floating solar power plant project can be used as an incentive for new customers. who care about the environment can come and invest in more industrial parks in the future as well,” Mr. Yothin said.

At present, the business of the NPS Group consists of the main businesses, which are the electricity, steam and water production business. The NPS electricity generation business has a total of 12 power plants in Thailand, with a total installed power and steam production capacity of 796.05 MW and an installed steam production capacity. Total 2,486.78 tons per hour The water production business has a reservoir and industrial water filtration plant with a production capacity of 160,000 cubic meters per day.

In addition, NPS has increased the potential of the company’s energy business. By acquiring the Biomass Energies d’ Alizay (BEA) power plant in France in April 2022, NPS has increased opportunities to expand its investment in biomass power plants in France. and Europe using BEA as a base for business expansion. There is also a joint venture project for an IPP combined cycle power plant with an installed capacity of 600 MW, which will be completed and begin selling electricity to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand within 2027.


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