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Challenges of human trafficking in Thailand Mission and role of the Ministry of Justice –

Challenges of human trafficking in Thailand Mission and role of the Ministry of Justice –
Challenges of human trafficking in Thailand Mission and role of the Ministry of Justice –

Police Colonel Thawee Sodsong, head of the Prachachat Party Give media interviews Challenges of human trafficking in Thailand :Mission and role of the Ministry of Justice

Human trafficking is a serious crime with grave human rights implications. At present, it is carried out as a criminal organization and is a transnational crime that illegally exploits limited individuals.

For example, taking people into prostitution within the country and sending them to trade outside the Kingdom. Forced and trafficked labor or services Forced organ removal for trade Taking advantage of human beings, even children and women, is a serious crime that is dangerous to the country and the international community. Human trafficking is estimated to be the second largest source of illicit income worldwide. It is second only to drug trafficking. Therefore, there are challenges in solving the problem:

First, fighting human trafficking is a challenging problem. Thailand will have an Act. Prevention and Suppression of Human Trafficking 2008 will continue to be amended until 2019 in order to provide a tool for fighting human trafficking. But the situation of human trafficking in Thailand in 2023

that is currently It was found that the U.S. Department of State published that the Thai government does not fully meet minimum standards for eliminating human trafficking. And Thailand has been ranked so it is still at “Level 2 or Tier 2” out of a total of 188 countries/economic zones, divided into 4 ranks or Tiers.

There are 30 countries in Tier 1, Tier 2 has 105 countries, Tier 2 WL has 26 countries, and Tier 3 has 24 countries. Human trafficking in Thailand is both the source, transit, and destination of human trafficking. The fight against human trafficking in Thailand has been raised to the level of the national agenda and the agenda of the international community. Government, Ministry of Justice Department of Special Investigation Royal Thai Police Office of the Attorney General and those involved must expedite the investigation. file a lawsuit and expedite the case To see the result that more punishments will be given in human trafficking cases.

There must be a process for receiving whistleblowing and seriously investigating government officials accused of being involved in human trafficking. An increasing number of victims of human trafficking have been identified. The use of the National Referral Machanism (NRM) is to receive notification, screen, isolate, and effectively protect victims of human trafficking and provide training to officials on the operation of the mechanism. National referral to eliminate and solve the problem of human trafficking

Including assistance in rehabilitating victims of human trafficking. that offers physical, mental and spiritual healing To get it back is therefore a challenge and a problem. Must adhere to victim-centered principles and consider psychological wounds. This includes during interviews with victims of the multidisciplinary team and labor inspections.

Secondly, Thailand’s goal in fighting human trafficking must be to raise the level of Thailand, a country in Tier 1, which is therefore a challenging goal to solve another issue because of the surrounding countries that have borders with Thailand. Including Myanmar and Cambodia in Tier 3, Malaysia in Tier 2 WL, only Laos is in Tier 2, like Thailand. Raising the standard of solving human trafficking problems for Thailand, a Tier 1 country, is therefore a very important mission that is an opportunity and an end to the Ministry of Justice and anti-human trafficking network partners.

Third, the current government is committed to restoring the rule of law or Rule of Law that is strong, effective, transparent and internationally accepted. It is another challenge to solve the problem. Currently, the results of the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index (WJP) score for Thailand in 2023, Thailand scores a full 1 point and scores only 0.49 points, ranking 82nd out of 142 countries.

What Thailand needs to fix is Corruption must be corrected. criminal justice process and government transparency which received a very low score, less than 0.49, especially corruption and involvement of government officials still hinder efforts to suppress human trafficking.

Fourth Human trafficking is a transnational criminal enterprise. This is a challenge that cannot be solved by just one country, even with effective enforcement of national laws. and have good laws Therefore, cooperation with member countries is important.

The challenge is to enhance cooperation in eliminating human trafficking and transnational crimes. There must be a policy for tracking money in human trafficking cases because money is the primary target of organized crimes. tracking money The use of money laundering, taxation, and asset seizure laws is therefore important for Thailand and international partner countries to use as tools to eliminate human trafficking.

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