Unraveling the ‘political chain’ – creating competition Big challenge to overcome the ‘middle income trap’


If people’s problems are turned into demand by using government spending to stimulate demand, and create the ability to compete for development “Supply site”

Again, the problem of the Thai economy today is not a problem of consumption. If we focus on stimulating consumption, it is not sustainable. “sustainable growth” We must talk about competitiveness.

Has there been a study or assessment or prediction that if we were to use technology to manage the quality of life of the people regarding the area we are doing, how far would it be able to stimulate or make the Thai economy move forward?

The Chairman of the Progressive Committee views that it is most definitely an injection into the government sector.consumeIt’s faster, but creatingcapabilityCompetition doesn’t happen in 3 months or 6 months. Therefore, in investing, if the government is not stable Without political stability, no one can do it. Because after doing it for 4 years, it is still not certain whether you will see results or not. Therefore, to make it sustainable is to create competitiveness.

  • “Big problem” creates the ability to escape the “black hole”

What do you think is the economic black hole that exists right now?

Thanathorn sees that he emphasizes once again that the Thai economy is not bad right now. This means that it is not a negative economy. The more persistent problem is that it grows more slowly than its neighbors. 10 years ago, if we compare with countries in ASEAN together

For example, Indonesia and Malaysia, both countries in the past 10 years GDP growth Average growth of 4-6%, while in Thailand 10 years ago GDP growth Average growth 2-4%

“So the problems of the Thai economy Again, the Thai economy is not without problems, it definitely has problems. Household debt to GDP has increased enormously. A debt situation arises, especially afterCovid crisis But when you look at the economic numbers, why does it continue to grow only 2-4% while neighboring countries grow 4-6%? So this is a big problem: how to build competitiveness?”

Unraveling the 'political chain' - creating competition Big challenge to overcome the 'middle income trap'

He also projected the image on Thailand, which is entering an aging society. There are more than 20% of the total population aged over 60 years. which will become a burden for the next generation People who are 20 years old today may have to work harder to keep Thailand at the same level.

So if we don’t improve the story ProductivityThink about it. If the output is the same, the output is the same but the production cost is less, meaning it uses less labor, time, investment, or raw materials to get the output. or the same yield

Therefore, the problem is to think about how to get the same output but using less input. This is a problem that must be done in the next 10 years, 20 years. If the government doesn’t support this, the next generation will have to work harder. Thailand remains the same.

  • “Inequality” black holes drag down “competition”

He also considered that another black hole that he thought was equally large was “bias” The gap between the rich and the poor is even more evident, especially during the COVID crisis. This problem is therefore related to competitiveness and the aging society as previously mentioned.

Going back 10 years, there were 800,000 newborns in Thailand. But today there are 500,000 newborns. That is, going back 20 years ago, there were almost a million. This means that from 1 million new born children today there are down to 500,000. and has a tendency to gradually decrease

Asked why people don’t want to have children because of the expenses that will come with it. This inequality is a black hole of lack of capacity. Today I would like to ask whether we have quality work for these people to do.

In order for us to create jobs, we must be able to export. There must be an industry. You have to be able to sell things. To be able to sell things, you have to be able to compete with the world. But when we cannot compete with the world, the industry is limited. There are limited jobs and no stability. Therefore, the inequality that arises at this time is considered very dangerous.

  • It’s time to “change” the universal budget allocation system.

“Today it is very necessary to have allocations.BudgetNew Today it is appropriate to change the unnecessary budget into a budget that will subsidize and encourage people to want to have children. Or should parents be given a budget that supports them to be stable?”

Thanathorn still thinks that today’s children 0-6 years old You mustn’t get 600 baht. Think if we useBudgetAbout 1,200 baht per person, everyone doesn’t have to prove poverty to encourage people who want to have children to be more confident and ready to have children. If this is done, the budget will be only 4-50 billion. Personally, I see that Can be allocated by reducing various unnecessary budgets.

To escape from these black holes, in the end you cannot escape political problems. I think “democracy” is not an option but the only solution left. To solve economic problems, political problems must be solved.

“When each faction and each faction are ready to fight until they are broken, Powerful leaders often use their own resources for political maneuvering. Budgets are used to gain popularity for themselves and their allies. At the same time, the budget is still used only for their own support system. As long as it’s solvedpoliticsIf not, there is no way to do the things mentioned above.”

He also sees that it is very important that national development under this political context is impossible. Structural problems must be solved, especially the democratic structure. Thailand is the country with the most coups in the world. We have a new constitution every 5 years. What happened indicates that we do not have rules for living together in society. Therefore, as long as it is not possible to find rules that everyone agrees with, Still can’t imagine how the country will develop further.

  • Maintain the balance of great power Balance “Economics-Politics”

Chairman of the Progress Committee Still projecting images in the midst of competition with the world. Including various powerful countries I think that the era of Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha’s government over the past 8 years has brought the country too close to China. For example, in the case of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Thailand was one of the few countries to abstain from the vote, while 143 countries at the UN General Assembly passed resolutions condemning Russia.

Personally, I think National policy that can maintain balance In Asia we have China, Japan, in the West we have the United States. It can be seen that we have many powerful countries both economically and militarily. I think that our position should not be too dependent on one side or the other, but we should maintain a balance both economically and politically.

In the past, Thailand has deteriorated in its leadership position in ASEAN. I would like to see Thailand have leadership and be ready to cooperate with other nations to find a conclusion. Including a framework for working and negotiating with various great powers together.

Unraveling the 'political chain' - creating competition Big challenge to overcome the 'middle income trap'
  • Supporting “big capital” to diversify the supply chain – blocking monopolies

In terms of economics, I think we want to see the state play a role in promotingeconomyof Thailand to be more competitive on the world stage. This matter concerns the role of Thailand’s large capital.

Of course I oppose monopoly capital, but I ask whether we oppose the role of large capital groups in Thailand… “No” large capital groups in Thailand must play a specific role in the country’s development process. That must not be exploitation or extraction of surplus value in the country.

“The role of large capital, the state should be to support large capital. But it must not be support.Big capitalLet’s come back and find the surplus value in the country. Excess value in the country requires the development of SMEs. The supply chain of large capital must be developed into a supply chain there. There are cascades of small M-sized companies coming to supply, creating cascades of employment.”

The Chairman of the Progress Committee concluded by saying that if we compare the current Thai economy to a person in their late 40s, not yet old but unable to adapt quickly. This person is at two crossroads: if he continues to live, he will become old and poor, while at the same time, he has the choice to develop his way of thinking and seeing the world, connecting himself with the world, learning and adopting new skills. Can be used in life

But it must be accepted that at this time there are social bonds. Especially the politics thatChainedwith political conflicts Therefore, this person will be freed.bondageTo go, you must be courageous, open the door to a new world, go out and face the world. Dare to open the window of opportunity

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