Director of Khon Kaen Kindergarten Sorry parents The bank uses a student work card to sell insurance.


Director of Khon Kaen Kindergarten Sorry parents The bank uses a student work card to sell insurance. Revealed that the school was deceived as well.

From the case of Mr. Amnat (Last name reserved) Parents of elementary school students One of the famous schools in Khon Kaen Province. Complained that he received a phone call from a life insurance company representative. Called to sell insurance and savings for my daughter. Claimed to have obtained phone numbers and information from homework worksheets at school for children to complete and submit to teachers. This makes parents feel insecure. She also questioned why the information of students and parents was given to the insurance company. The incident occurred on November 19th.

On November 20, Mr. Prachuap Siripakdi, Director of Khon Kaen Kindergarten School, explained that after the incident occurred as shown on social media. The school has investigated the facts that occurred and learned that on the morning of November 6th, a group of 3 people, 1 male and 2 females, dressed well, entered the school. He informed the head teacher who takes care of students in Grades 1 – 3 that it was from a bank. came to request to do activities to promote saving money for students and informed that they had received permission from the administration to do the activities.

In fact, the management team still doesn’t know about it and hasn’t even given permission. When the head teacher saw that Permission has been received from the administration. In addition, the head teacher is teaching the students. Therefore did not check with the administration, so the three people were allowed to do the activity by distributing worksheets to students in various classrooms from Prathom 1 to Prathom 3, totaling approximately 100 people, before collecting them. Part of the said worksheet And another part the children brought back to make at home.

After that, the same group of people returned to the school on November 10th. They brought piggy banks to distribute to students who colored in worksheets. then went back out There doesn’t seem to be any problem. Because in the past there have been financial institutions that have come to do prize giving activities. It is a piggy bank for students. However, written permission will be requested and received from the school first every time. And there has never been a case where student information was used in the form of offering insurance or savings services.

“The school would like to apologize to all parents for this incident. The school was deceived by this group as well. In the future, the school will be more strict about the entry and exit of outsiders. and confirm that The school is not affiliated with any insurance company. If any parent is injured, You can report a complaint. The school is happy to facilitate all types of information,” Mr. Prachuap said.

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– To the point of being stunned, I did a questionnaire for my child’s homework. Instead, I met someone calling to sell insurance. Parents are affected a lot.

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