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The whole school panicked! A young man walks around the field with a bow and arrow. The teacher walked over and asked, bending his bow and aiming it at his face.


The whole school panicked! A young man walks around the football field carrying a bow. The teacher walked over and asked, bending his bow and aiming it at his face.

At 6:50 p.m. on November 20, 2023, Radio Center 191, Udon Thani Provincial Police We received a report of a man walking with a bow and arrows on the football field. Udon Pittayanukul School, Mueang District, Udon Thani Province, fears that there will be danger to students. who are practicing sports inside After being notified, police at 191 Muang Udon Thani Police Station rushed to investigate.

At the scene they found a man, approximately 20 – 25 years old, wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt. Topped with a white silk vest. Brown pants black sneakers In his left hand he holds a bow. At the waist was a holster for holding arrows. With teachers and school security officers standing at a distance watching. The school still has students organizing sports activities. causing students to be shocked and panic The teacher then shouted to the students who were still doing activities. Move away from the man. Many students had to run and take cover in the school building.

When the police arrived, they drove in on a patrol motorcycle until they were in close contact. Along with telling him to stop to negotiate. The man showed no resistance or shock. Stand still and talk and ask questions. But there was a serious expression on his face. The police informed him that it was an outsider. The school does not allow people to come inside. They also carried dangerous weapons. Therefore, please invite yourself to leave the area. and negotiated to emphasize that they would not come back to school with weapons like this again. The man did not answer questions. along with arguing about what right one has to carry a gun to threaten oneself before walking away from the football field and getting into a sedan Parking in front of the school building, approximately 300 meters.

Mr. Suay, beautiful figure, 61 years old, a security officer at the school, said that he was informed by a male teacher that there was a suspicious man. Carrying a bow and arrows, he walked around the school football field. When the teacher approaches to ask questions The man raised his bow and aimed it at the teacher. The teacher was shocked and rushed to tell her. So he hurriedly called the police. and told another security guard Rushed onto the football field to control the situation.

At that time, the children were still quite active in the field. He hurriedly shouted to the children to move away. The man walked around the field about three times and when police arrived they brought the situation under control. He had never seen this man before. From his demeanor, he thought that he might not be very conscious. but can still speak and communicate Initially, the man was photographed. and took a photo of the sedan To screen them so they don’t come back into school again. Because there is random behavior that may cause harm in the future.

Mrs. Apiradee Promsangsai, 49 years old, a guidance counselor, said she was staying at the teacher’s residence. When he heard the news, he was very shocked. When he realized that the situation was under control, he hurriedly walked out to take a look. It is not yet known for what purpose the man entered. This man was not familiar to them. But what we carry with us is dangerous to our area. The police pushed him away. and emphasized that they must not return again. Luckily there was no damage. or no one was harmed After this, the matter will be further reported to the management team. In case you find a way to take care of children’s safety more tightly than before. Because there are still many days of sports activities. Thank you to the police who came to take care of us in a timely manner.

The reporter further reported that As the man walked up to his own sedan, Disassembled bow and keep equipment in the car When finished collecting I walked up and raised my hand to greet the two policemen, saying only that my name was “Wen” and apologizing for what I had done. When the police asked if he was an alumnus here Do you have an ID card or not? How old are you? Where do you live? The man said only that he would like only 7:00 p.m. to stop asking questions. and the man got into a sedan and drove away.

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