Chinese people refrain from traveling ‘Thailand-Japan’ sees Thailand as a land of scammers.


China Trading Desk, a marketing company in China Revealing the results of a survey of Chinese people’s travel perspectives that “Thailand” and “Japan” were among the top destinations in the minds of Chinese travelers earlier this year. But now it has dropped down in the 3rd quarter of 2023, with Thailand falling to 6th place and Japan falling to 8th place.

Currently, both Thailand and Japan are behind.South Korea Malaysia andAustraliaIn terms of Chinese travelers’ next vacation destination,SingaporeMoved up to number 1 after Singapore was named one of the safest places for travelers in 2023.

Look at ‘Thailand’ as a land of scammers.

Chinese people refrain from traveling 'Thailand-Japan' sees Thailand as a land of scammers.

The report states that Thailand has been hit hardest by two famous Chinese films: “Lost in the Stars” and “No More Bets” Both of which were fictional stories and were not filmed in Thailand. But some Chinese people think the story is close to real events that have made headlines in recent years.

The film “Lost in the Stars” is based on the case of a Chinese woman who was pushed off a cliff in Thailand by her husband in 2019, but both mother and unborn child miraculously survived.

“No More Bets” is the story of a young programmer and a pair of young Chinese models. I was deceived by a human trafficking gang into working for a scammer gang in one country. which, although not named, looks similar to Thailand

Chinese people refrain from traveling 'Thailand-Japan' sees Thailand as a land of scammers.

United Nations agencies estimate that hundreds of thousands of people have been tricked into working for these scammers. Most of which are located on the border outside of Thailand. in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, and often in special economic development zones. This is because there is little law enforcement in these areas to facilitate flexibility in attracting investment. So there is a problem with scammers. Drug trafficking, wildlife trafficking, and human trafficking

Most of the victims of these movements come from South and Southeast Asia, including China, Taiwan and Latin America.

‘Japan’ loses points because of releasing wastewater at Fukushima.

Subramania Bhat, CEO of China Trading Desk, said Japan’s release of treated radioactive contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea in August sent… It has a huge impact on Chinese people’s feelings about visiting Japan.

Chinese people refrain from traveling 'Thailand-Japan' sees Thailand as a land of scammers.

CNBC reports that the China Trading Desk surveyed more than 10,000 Chinese citizens, 94% of whom were under the age of 40, showing that Eating good food is the most important factor for traveling abroad. or accounting for 23% This was followed by local history and culture at 22%, nature at 22% and shopping at 10%.

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) and other agencies It states that Japanese seafood is safe to eat. But Chinese tourists are still worried. and making Japan, which was once one of the most popular tourist destinations It has become one of the least popular places.


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