The Revenue Department plans to collect “foreign income tax” on natural persons, D-Day 1 Jan. 2024.


Improving the methods for collecting personal income tax

Improving storage methodsPersonal income tax “Foreign income tax” in the case of having income from sources outside the country According to the Revenue Department Order No. 161/2023 regarding payment of income tax according to Section 41, paragraph two of the Revenue Code, dated September 15, 2023, it is an improvement in the method of collecting personal income tax.

For those who have income from sources outside the country Due to work duties or business conducted abroad Or because assets located abroad are subject to personal income tax in Thailand to be clearer and able to collect taxes more fairly. The income earner mustPay taxesOnly when the income is assessed such into Thailand

However, if the income earner has already been taxed in the country of origin of the income. Income earners can use taxes that were collected from the source country that has a double tax treaty with Thailand as a tax credit. According to the criteria specified in the double tax treaty.

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