Bangkok gossip: 19 September 2023

Bangkok gossip: 19 September 2023
Bangkok gossip: 19 September 2023

Tuesday, September 19, 2023, 6:00 a.m.

nn If the budget cut is due to resentment or hatred or intentional intent to affect anyone, or cutting the entire budget for vocational training centers The reason is because we want to change the pattern of using the budget in other areas. This is even more of a serious problem. For the reason that money management The management department is responsible for It is not the responsibility of the council. However, if the budget is cut, all vocational training centers will be wiped out. It is indeed incorrect. (Unless the center wants to make a major renovation, but this must be announced in advance.) Moreover, the claim is that the Lumpini Park Training Center has a lot of outsiders coming to study. Or there are people who study again and again and they are all the same people. There are a small number of new people. All of these are excuses. Because some of the subjects that are offered for training, if they do not “mind-think-speak-look” objectively, it can be explained that they may not be able to take the time to consecrate the trainees to be proficient and able to go out and pursue a career or compete with others, such as subjects that were previously Reserved for Thai people to do cloth cutting, hair cutting, massage techniques, beautification, electricians, air conditioning technicians, etc. (except for training in making buttermilk desserts). People who want to pursue it as a stable career have all studied many courses to become skilled. It’s no different from the S.K.A., some people fail exams and fail again, but they still try hard to do good deeds to reach the people. The purpose is to gain the people’s trust in selecting them for the House of Representatives because that member of the House of Representatives is committed to benefiting the people and society.

nn Therefore, in the case of vocational training students, they train in several different courses in order to cultivate themselves to become proficient in their skills. This is not at all wrong or disgusting.

nn At the same time, Pathumwan District also has to understand. and put in place measures to approach the problem by simulating it yourself, saying that for 1-2 months, if they attend the training, they will absorb it. or understand deep techniques Can it be complicated? Importantly, we must not forget that all centers are like this. Minburi Training Center which is as famous as the Lumpini Park Training Center There are names of people who have attended the training many times, coming from many areas. There are not many people in Mueang Min themselves. This can be proven. Some training centers have few students, but the facilities are standard. Because they received a lot of donated land, such as Saphan Sung, some subjects had 10-15 students open for classes. This is because they wanted to help the people without being discriminatory. Plus, every district director understood the problem. This is considered a good idea and it is accepted that some training centers have a list of ghosts inserted into them. But it must be said on a case-by-case basis. It’s not like taking things that are bad or evil or using the color black to crush it until it becomes the source of all budget cuts.

nn If we assume that there is a member of the House of Representatives who does not do well and has a problem with thinking, simply put, people choose to enter the House of Representatives with their faces closed and their eyes closed and they vote. or there are few points entered People later learned that That MP was unqualified and protested his eviction. To solve this problem by “wiping out the entire House of Representatives” would not be correct. The main thing is to go after the problem.

nn Cutting the training center’s budget is no different. It’s not that we want to cut it, we cut it according to our feelings. If the cut has culture, it will not be ugly. The cut looks “Hian Tian,” there was also the sound of someone seriously ordering the district to announce the closure of the center. The question that people are concerned about is how does Governor Chatchart Sittiphan feel? Or will you raise your hands to thank the party that intentionally cut the budget? Very careful and I like it. Don’t forget that this training center has been around for many decades, creating a good reputation. He has helped many unemployed people. Every governor of Bangkok has supported him, but during his time he was degraded to the point of being considered “rotten” even though he worked so hard that his face was black with stress. Little time with family, little sleep, little rest. Using the medium budget to retaliate is correct, but the important thing is that you should pound the table to command the Pathumwan district. Announce clearly When and when does the center open? Not letting some district officials go after some influential people in the Bangkok Council, who will order them to undress. You can take off your shirt however you want. In this way, if any district official is found doing this, they must not allow it to spread the virus because if a big problem happens later. The administration may escape condemnation. Look at the Nakhon Pathom incident as an example.

nn Above all, if any district government official is found to be hypocritical. Talk back and forth in a manner that ensures survival. If it creates division, the governor must not let it happen. A good management team like yours has made it clear that He doesn’t like sitting in an air-conditioned room. Anyone who behaves like a “Kalakini” sees the problem and doesn’t clean it up. I repeat, don’t let go. Because in the end it will be a glitch that will eat away at people’s feelings. and affect political parties nn

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