‘Talad Phlu’ has ‘Kim Eng Banana Syrup’ delicious for 53 years


Talat Phlu There are only things delicious There are beef noodles, red pork rice, hard egg ice cream, etc. every time Sweet Pork Chuan Tasting Go to that area, no matter what kind of food you go to. One thing that must be taken home every time is banana syrup at the store Kim Eng Banana in Syrup sold for a long time Delicious for 53 years There are bananas in syrup, bananas in syrup, bananas in syrup, and bananas in coconut milk. Recently, I bought ‘Mam Chum’ to taste. It tastes okay.

Kimeng Kaithamakul A 72-year-old said that he started selling banana syrup since 1970. “It was a person here when my mother used to sell 3-4 grilled bananas. We also worked as a tailor. When I’m free, I come to help mom sell bananas. When bored of work, he wants to come out to trade. But I am impatient when toasting bananas, it is slower than ripening.

I came to think that Talat Phlu doesn’t sell desserts. So went to bring bananas to weld. Sweetened Egg Banana part Hak Mook Banana cassava People who don’t know how to eat, we let them taste it. In the past, ten salung per kilo of sugar

We started from there. And then sell it here. I’m not going anywhere. In the past, this was a leather wig calledWiksri Market Phluhe called short wig another wig name Vic Sri Phra Nakhon Right under the bridge.”

Talat Phlu come, must eat banana syrup at the store Kim Eng Banana in Syrup Delicious for 53 years Selling very well because the shop owner pays attention to every step of production. Kimeng Kaithamakul Said that she was a person who knew the heart of bananas. If you peel a banana, you can feel that Is the peeled banana flesh hard or soft? delicious

“We have to look at the skin of the banana peel whether it is thick or thin. When welding, it does not absorb sugar. because it’s full of water At first, when we saw the bananas, we would ask the seller where they got it from. Sellers will say that this one is from Ratchaburi. This is from Phetchaburi.

Do it and do it, we will know which one can’t be used. If bananas are planted in sandy soil When welding, the meat will be sticky. It depends on the welding method again. Some people get bananas from the same source, but after welding, the bananas are not sticky. Once the bananas are concocted, when the sugar is saturated, we need to scoop up the bananas. We will always test to see if it works or not, we can’t connect 7-8 kilos at a time more than this.”

Photo by: Sukphamon Hengprapakorn

banana syrup store Kim Eng Banana in Talat Phlu most people like ‘Kluay Khai Syrup’ is the number 1 best seller. Chuan Chim Pork like Hak Mook Banana will be more chewy, less sweet, will always buy both bananas to take home banana There will be a red color. Many people like bananas. In conclusion, all 3 bananas sell well, depending on who likes which type.

'Talad Phlu' has 'Kim Eng Banana Syrup' delicious for 53 years ‘Kluai Nam Wa’ is in the process of welding.

Hak Mook bananas are hard to find because people rarely grow them. But when welding, it’s sticky and delicious. Must be someone who knows the heart of bananas. It’s not that it can be welded all of a sudden. We will gently knead the bananas to make them soft. welding does not turn yellow So I use bananas from Phetchaburi. Kim Eng Banana in Syrup The most popular is banana syrup with cassava we delicious like no other”

'Talad Phlu' has 'Kim Eng Banana Syrup' delicious for 53 years ‘Melted cassava’ must be used from the garden. If it’s from the farm, it’s hard and not tasty.

it connects Must be cassava from the garden if it is a farm The meat is dry, rough and has a greasy splinter for making flour. But cassava from the garden, large segments, the meat is soft and fluffy. But there are many grades for sale.

'Talad Phlu' has 'Kim Eng Banana Syrup' delicious for 53 years ‘Kim Eng Kaythammakul’ with 2nd generation heir ‘Nikom Kaithammakul’ (nephew)

Kimeng Kaithamakul Choose grade 1, a bit expensive but definitely delicious. Then slowly simmer over medium heat for about 3 hours until you get a delicious ‘sweet potato’.

'Talad Phlu' has 'Kim Eng Banana Syrup' delicious for 53 years The 2nd generation heir of ‘Kim Eng Kluai Chue Talat Phlu’

“Welding time is different. like we connect bananas must know the rhythm of this type of banana does not eat sugar We soaked it for a long time. Some bananas eat enough sugar to boil. We can scoop it up. Sweet Taro Once in a while, we’ll ask the seller whether the taro is good or not.

'Talad Phlu' has 'Kim Eng Banana Syrup' delicious for 53 years

‘Today, the owner of the shop welds bananas himself.’

'Talad Phlu' has 'Kim Eng Banana Syrup' delicious for 53 years

‘Kim Eng’, a 72-year-old shop owner, is still as strong as a 48-year-old.

Pumpkin Syrup Likewise, once in a while, it has to be an old pumpkin that knocks and the sound becomes dull. It will be delicious. Good pumpkin will suck up the dense sugar. The pumpkin juice won’t seep out.”

'Talad Phlu' has 'Kim Eng Banana Syrup' delicious for 53 years

‘Banana Hak Mook Chem’ very ‘delicious’

'Talad Phlu' has 'Kim Eng Banana Syrup' delicious for 53 years Who likes ‘Banana in Syrup’, just right in the mouth, topped with salty, oily coconut milk? Come this way, sweet pork. Guarantee deliciousness.

'Talad Phlu' has 'Kim Eng Banana Syrup' delicious for 53 years

‘Kim Eng Banana in Talat Phlu’ at the entrance of Soi Terd Thai 20 (Talat Phlu) opens daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Tel. 084-971 7876.

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