ThaiHealth joins forces with partners in Nan province to open a forum to exchange knowledge ‘You’re welcome. Gather power to create happiness’


On May 26, the 8th Plan Administrative Committee, Office of the Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth), together with ThaiHealth Executives and the media, went to the area to exchange knowledge and visit. “You’re welcome. Ruam Palung San Suk” 2 areas with concrete results Under the support of Thai Health Promotion Foundation by Dr. Jiraporn Wittayasakphan The chairman of the 8th Plan Administrative Committee, ThaiHealth, said that ThaiHealth aims to develop citizens in terms of media, information and digital skills and health literacy. To reduce inequalities in access to well-being knowledge and increase opportunities to learn media skills. To develop into a change leader Inspire inspiration and attitudes to change towards healthy behaviors.

Dr. Jiraporn further said that Nan Province is one of the 36 pilot areas from all regions. which operates the youth media literacy project For “Nan novices project to design a city for everyone” is a project undertaken by a group of 180 novices who use their media skills. to create a healthy society through the process of developing accessibility skills Understand and think analytically, creatively, and use digital technology in a self-aware, socially and media-aware manner. The process begins with a community survey. to understand the problems and costs find a solution and designing activities and communications using the cultural media of the community to communicate Leading to the role of being a well-being communicator who is up-to-date with the media who understand and appreciate the diversity of identities in the community

Mrs. Piyachat Poolsap, who is in charge of the project of voice reporters for creating healthy Thai people, SorSor Sor, one of the well-being voice reporters at Sound Sai Radio FM 100.75 MHz, Nan Province, said that the network of voice reporters creates people. Thai heart fluff Well-being sound media has been produced and disseminated through 66 radio stations covering 10 provinces across all regions. From information on health problems in the community A survey by a well-being voice reporter creates heart-fluttering Thai people in 2022. People in Nan province are at risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) up to 50%, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Fake news is shared Forward exaggerated advertisements for health products Causing damage to both life and property, the communication design of the health communicator focuses on 5 main issues: 1. Promote non-communicable disease risk groups. to be aware of physical activity 2. Reduce sweet, oily, salty eating behaviors 3. All ages should have sufficient physical activity 4. Media literacy 5. Dangers of PM 2.5 dust .Pa Kha and Chom Phra sub-districts by organizing activities to educate people about chronic non-communicable diseases fitness dance activities media awareness activities to reduce fake news painting contest To lead to raise the level of 110 well-being journalists to be leaders of community health promotion.

After that, the 8th Faculty Plan Administrative Committee visited the area to exchange knowledge about the project. “Nan novices join hands in designing a city for everyone” at Wat Nong Bua, Pa Kha Sub-district, Tha Wang Pha District, Nan Province.

Ms. Khemporn Wirunraphan, Manager of the Foundation for the Promotion of Children and Youth Media (TSG), said that the project applies the concept of city for everyone (Inclusive City) to be used in the project. There are 3 pariyatthamma schools in Nan province, namely: Village health volunteers and volunteers developed the activity “Novice Care Giver, community health care provider” taking care of bedridden patients. Creation of art media, making cards and baskets to visit patients Bedridden patient fund and continuing patients at home 2. Wat Don Mongkol Santisuk Witthaya School, Santisuk District, together with the Hug Muang Nan Party, developed the activity “Dhamma Yatra, Cultivate Faith and Preserve the Environment”, organizing a forest ordination ceremony with the community. There is communication through messages on the forest monk’s cloth that uses natural tie-dye fabric. River Destiny Ceremony tying bamboo to build check dams

Ms. Khemphon further said that 3. Nikrodharam Temple School, Tha Wang Pha District, has cooperated with a community enterprise group to develop activities “Nong Bua-Muang La, Brand by Novices”, designing a logo on the product that respects the diversity of Identity inherited from Tai Lue Muang La, such as craft soda (Lu Sa), weaving, Ruen Tai Lue, creating a community-based economy. Encourages awareness that the city belongs to everyone. resulting in synergies between various sectors in the community which will lead to community development To be a healthy city for everyone “Going to the area to exchange, learn, visit “You’re welcome. Join forces to create happiness” this time is considered to reinforce the strength of network partners in Nan Province, which reflects the achievements of the work in a concrete way. Create opportunities and alternatives for people in the community to access media and knowledge that are safe, creative, and help reduce disparity in accessing health information and knowledge sustainably,” said Dr. Jiraporn.

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