Lawyers’ Association insists Thailand must have 112 members to protect the institution


‘President of the Lawyers Association’ insists that Thailand must have section 112 to protect the monarchy The makers set up the committee to screen the offenses. Do not use the Bureau of the Royal Household The court must dare to grant bail.

26 May 2023 – Mr. Narinpong Jinapak, President of the Lawyers Association of Thailand issued a statement from the Lawyers Association of Thailand, stating that according to the controversial issue under Section 112 of the Criminal Code, which has both parties who consider that should have been cancelled. should be corrected and should not be touched at all

The Lawyers Association of Thailand views that Thailand needs laws to protect the country’s core institutions, namely the nation, religion, and the monarchy. which the Criminal Code has provided for the protection of the 3 main institutions as follows

1. Protecting national institutions: offenses against state security under Section 116 are punishable by imprisonment for a term not exceeding seven years.

2. Protection of religious institutions: offenses against religion under Section 206 carry a penalty of imprisonment from one year to seven years.

3. Protecting the monarchy: offenses under Section 112 are punishable by imprisonment from three to fifteen years.

Therefore, the proposal that some political parties propose to repeal Article 112 is seen as a proposal that is prejudiced and unreasonable. Because the country already has laws to protect national and religious institutions.

Why would the protection of the monarchy be abolished? The part proposed to be solved is an offense that can be compromised. and having a term of imprisonment of not more than one year, even more unreasonable, because section 112 is a law with the same principles as sections 116 and 206, therefore it must be an offense against the state that cannot compromise and has the same penalty rate As for some parties that the penalty rate should be amended to be in line with sections 116 and 206, it is a matter for the parliament to consider as appropriate.

The real problem of Section 112 is law enforcement. because the general public can report complaints Therefore, bullying occurs by using Section 112 as a tool to harm the other party. The part that proposed the Bureau of the Royal Household to be the victim was even more inappropriate. because it will draw the institution as a party to the people

for solving such problems A working group should be set up to consider and screen whether any action is an offense against Section 112 or not so that the police and prosecutors will comply in order to avoid prosecution in order to escape. As for the court, it must be fair to the request for temporary release as the same as other offences. Otherwise, it will cause people to misunderstand the institution. Because of cowardice and discriminatory discretion of the courts.

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