We travel together, phase 5, update conditions for new people, old people, registration process for rights

Yesterday (24 Jan. 2023), the meeting cabinet approve the project”We travel together, phase 5” More than 560,000 rights (approximately 112,000 people), the project budget is 2,016 million baht, the project period will start from February – September 2023.

Bangkok Business Online News Team taken to review the qualifications, conditions andregisterof “We travel together project Phase 5” both old people and new people, who this time participated in the project will have the right to reserve hotel accommodation up to 5 rights per person, with the government supporting 40% of hotel accommodation costs up to 3,000 baht and receiving an e-voucher (e-voucher) 600 baht per right as well

Property – project conditions “We travel together, Phase 5”

  • 18 years of age or older
  • New people, old people can register through the website. www.we travel together.com to join the project
  • Verify your identity step by step
  • Install and use privileges through the Wallet app.
  • Book a hotel or accommodation 7 days in advance of your trip.

new person by those who have never participated in the project before registration required Fill out the details to join the project through the website. We travel together.com and can verify their identity to receive up to 5 privileges per person

old people Get up to 5 rights per person by clicking the consent button or consent in the system. However, rights already used in the project We Travel Together Phase 4 will not be counted.


  • The old person cannot postpone the accommodation / hotel booking. During the We Travel Together Project Phase 4, you can come and stay during the We Travel Together Project Phase 5.
  • There is no support for the cost of air tickets.

related news

– Cabinet green light ‘We travel together Phase 5’ starting this February to stimulate the economy for ten billion.

project participants We travel together in Phase 5 will receiveExemption from personal income tax Like the previous phase 4, in order to be in line with the objectives of the project aiming to increase spending and economic turnover in the tourism sector. as well as to alleviate the burden of the people

The project also has guidelines to prevent corruption. Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited provides a system to display the number of rooms of each hotel. If booking more than the number of rooms stated The system will be able to limit reservations.

by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Domestic branch offices will be the operator and to prevent the room rate from being exaggerated and will be clearly stated in the form

Registration “We Travel Together Phase 5”

for registration to participate in the project “We travel together in Phase 5” will be clearly clarified soon. Which if there is progress, the news team will notify immediately.

The article is in Thai


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