AOTTO joins hands with CCIC and CPAW to cooperate in product inspection. perishable before being exported to China

AOTTO joins hands with CCIC and CPAW to cooperate in product inspection. perishable before being exported to China
AOTTO joins hands with CCIC and CPAW to cooperate in product inspection. perishable before being exported to China

Mr. Nitinai Sirismatthakarn, President of Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT), presided over the signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on inspection of perishable goods before export to the People’s Republic. China between Airports of Thailand Tafa Operator Co., Ltd. (AOTTO), CCIC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (CCIC) and CP Asset Wise Holding Co., Ltd. (CPAW), with Mr. Kata Winin, Director and Acting Managing Director of AOTTO, Mr. Liu Huali, Managing Director of CCIC and Madam Po Hong, Director of CPAW, jointly signed at Warehouse Building 4, Free Zone, Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Mr. Nitinai said that AOTTO is a joint venture between AOT and Tafa Consortium Co., Ltd., an exporter who specializes in the transportation of perishable goods. To raise the standards of perishable cargo by air for exporters. by the signing ceremony This time is an important progress of the project.
A pilot to prepare a place for the preparation of agricultural products and perishable products, Perishable Premium Lane (PPL) of AOTTO before developing into a project to establish a quality inspection center for agricultural products according to the standards of the destination country. According to AOT’s long-term plan, there is a plan to provide appropriate physical facilities. to support the inspection of agricultural products before exporting and push for the establishment of the Pre-shipment Inspection Center (PSI) for agricultural product quality inspection within the Suvarnabhumi Airport duty free zone, with the objective of being a pre-export quality inspection center for agricultural products. And is the center of distribution of agricultural products in the region.
ASEAN to the destination country with international standards. and to raise the standard of inspection of agricultural products for exporters and Thai farmers

Mr. Nitinai added that China is an important export market for agricultural products within the region.
Establishing standards at a level acceptable to the destination country will ensure that the goods will not be returned. and arrive at the destination quickly As a result, agricultural products exported from Thailand have quality standards that will help drive Thailand to become a center of imports and exports of agricultural products in the region in the future, which CCIC is a Thai-Chinese joint venture
The Chinese joint venture is the China National Inspection and Certification Organization, which conducts the largest inspection, assessment, certification and testing of goods in China. And for the company, CPAW is an investment and asset management specialist in one of the companies in the CP group. with understanding and have alliances in business, trade and investment with China

Mr. Nitinai said that AOT, as a co-investor in AOTTO, hopes that this cooperation will have the strengths of each agency to help promote. drive quality Agricultural Standards for the People’s Republic of China
This will result in efficient operations and further growth.

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