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Chlorpheniramine is an antihistamine commonly used to relieve allergy symptoms. But it can also be used in cases of insect allergies. Because when the body responds to allergies, it usually comes out in the same way. But the cause of allergies each time may be different in the same person. Therefore, this medicine can help if you have allergies, including allergic reactions caused by insect bites and stings. This drug works by blocking the action of histamine in our body.

When his sister took the antihistamines, he went home. And the author recommends not scratching because it will cause the symptoms to spread more. If it’s really itchy I used my hand to gently rub my upper eyelid. And when I got home, my sister took a shower and cleaned my body to get rid of dirt that could cause the symptoms to spread further. And he avoided going to places where he encountered insects that made him allergic and became more careful. Because once you lose, you can lose again as well. Therefore, aside from protecting yourself, knowing how to take basic care of yourself and what to do is another thing that is necessary for everyone.

After his sister took antihistamines that same day, he said, the swollen eyes subsided. It’s not itchy and keeps getting better. Until I recover normally. He had only taken one pill in total. And in the process of treating yourself to recover from this insect allergy. He is still able to do other activities as usual and can eat normally. Only the son wonders and asks all the time what’s wrong with Mom, who did this to Mom!? And that is the direct experience that the author would like to leave in this article. In case you, the reader, are allergic to insects like the author’s sister did. And another case that the author frequently encounters is itching and swelling after mosquito bites. If this is the case, the author usually chooses to use beeswax balm. Especially when mosquitoes bite small children. It was found to be effective. It really reduces itching and is anti-inflammatory too.

And for information about balms, ointments and antihistamines. Previously, the author wrote an article about these two matters. If the reader is interested, you can see more from the links of both articles under the content of this article. And hope that this article will be useful to you, the reader, and make you see more of the picture. And if you like articles like this again, don’t forget to press follow or bookmark your profile page. Because you won’t miss any other articles. That will be published soon


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