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Let hER Smile, smile, hope, inner strength, the next step for…breast cancer patients!

Let hER Smile, smile, hope, inner strength, the next step for…breast cancer patients!
Let hER Smile, smile, hope, inner strength, the next step for…breast cancer patients!

“Breast cancer” is the number 1 type of cancer found in Thai women. From the statistics of the Ministry of Public Health in 2022, it was found that
There are more than 38,559 women diagnosed with breast cancer and the number of new breast cancer patients diagnosed.
Breast metastases tend to increase. Even though there have been many innovative advances in breast cancer treatment over the past decade, But sharing information, knowledge, and advances regarding cancer is widespread. It is still something that needs to be done continuously. With this trend of increasing the number of patients Breast Cancer Patients Club of Thailand Art for Cancer by Ireel, Faculty of Communication Arts Bangkok University and Novartis (Thailand) Co., Ltd. therefore jointly organized a campaign to disseminate knowledge through an exhibition under the concept Let hER Smile “Smile, hope, inner strength, the next step for breast cancer patients” in order to Raise awareness Understanding of breast cancer for patients and society Have a positive attitude towards breast cancer treatment, especially in the metastatic stage. which can increase the chance of survival and enable patients to have a better quality of life

Creating smiles, hope, and strength to move forward for breast cancer patients.

Breast cancer exhibition under the concept Let hER Smile “Smiles, hope, inner strength, the next step for breast cancer patients”
Held at The River City, Si Phraya, Bangkok by Associate Professor Dr. Cherdchai. Tantisirin Permanent Assistant Minister Ministry of Public Health Honored to deliver a special lecture Highlights in this event highlight the power of creating art in the form of Immersive Digital Art, artwork that reflects the journey of breast cancer patients. From the beginning I was in a state of darkness, fear, worry and discouragement.
When you found out you had cancer Especially during the spread which through health communication creates awareness of treatment progress It leads to choices and doors of possibility. There are artworks made by breast cancer patients telling their inspiration in life through the abstract art “Smile and Hope” that will make visitors feel like they are part of the work. got involved Interact with works that are different from the traditional framework, including an interactive knowledge zone, along with announcing the intention of academic cooperation in jointly translating a manual for breast cancer patients from the original of the European Society of Oncology. To be in Thai Dissemination of knowledge through discussions by medical experts and patient representatives Recommended activities for breast self-examination Breast prosthetic sewing To create an accurate understanding of metastatic breast cancer. and join in sending encouragement to the patients On the path to healing with smiles, hope, and encouragement from those around you.

Innovative medicines and new treatment approaches Hope for better physical and mental health

Metastatic breast cancer can be divided into 3 types: 1. Hormone receptor-positive cancer (ER Positive Tumor), which has the best prognosis. 2. HER2 Positive cancer, which expresses the oncogene HER2, is breast cancer. Breast milk has the second best prognosis, and 3. Triple negative cancer, which does not attach to any receptors, is the type with the worst prognosis. Chemotherapy must be used for treatment.

“When diagnosed with breast cancer Patients should ask their doctor about the type and stage of the disease and appropriate treatment guidelines. and ask any questions before starting treatment The most important thing in treating metastatic breast cancer is for the doctor and patient to understand the treatment objectives together. Even though it cannot be completely cured But with treatment innovations that are continuously developed It will help patients have treatment options. The treatment effect is more effective. Control disease for longer The quality of life of patients will improve as well.” Asst. Prof. Dr. Uamkhae Sukprasert, Vice President of Oncology Association A breast cancer specialist explains, “Some treatments have few side effects. This is different from chemotherapy that has many side effects, such as in hormone receptor-mediated cancers. Antihormonal drugs are used. Coupled with targeted drugs that help inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells. When used together, the disease control period is doubled, and even after treatment with antihormonal drugs. Chemotherapy can still be used to control the disease. Access to new treatments will increase the chance for this group of patients to live for at least 4-5 years.”

Important factors to fight cancer (malignant) in the metastatic stage.

In addition to innovative treatments Important factors affecting the treatment of metastatic breast cancer that patients should know include:
1. Type of cancer What is the prognosis? 2. Characteristics of the patient If the patient is healthy can receive treatment
continuously The treatment will be effective. Age is not as important a factor as physical strength. But in older patients, it is necessary to be careful of other underlying diseases that make treatment more difficult. Because some medicines may not be available, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease. 3. Access to treatment and innovative medicine. If the patient receives medication that is fully suitable for the disease It will be able to control the disease better. and have a higher survival rate

“If found to have metastatic breast cancer I don’t want to give up or be discouraged. Because at every stage of treatment, patients still have hope.” Prof. Dr. Pornchai Ocharoenrat, surgeon, breast and thyroid specialist, Chao Phraya Hospital He told the story with a smile and added, “Today we have the evolution of new drugs and treatments, such as targeted drugs, immunotherapy. Hormone therapy and chemotherapy, which have many formulas and are effective in treating These innovations will help extend the quality of life for patients. Although metastatic breast cancer has only a 4% chance of being cured without cancer remaining in the body, from statistics of patients at this stage, up to 20% can live for up to 10 years if they receive proper treatment. completely Deciding not to treat or opting for alternative medical treatment may rob the patient of the best opportunity for treatment. When returning to treatment with modern medicine later It may also be a stage where the cancer has spread and spread further than before. This will reduce the chance of prolonging the quality of life.

Use creative arts to pass on knowledge and create a manual for breast cancer patients.

Ms. Ireel Traisansri, Vice President of the Breast Cancer Patients Club of Thailand and the founder of Art for Cancer by IREAL said, “Let hER Smile is another activity that aims to create smiles, hope, and inner strength for friends, patients, and visitors to see opportunities. and inspiration for the lives of breast cancer patients Be ready to move forward with a better quality of life. By opening perspectives on breast cancer treatment for patients, caregivers, and people in society to see opportunities and have a correct understanding about treatment. through creative art media Create an understanding of new treatment innovations that will help improve the quality of life for patients throughout the lifespan under treatment. which we currently find Thai breast cancer patients still lack access to knowledge. and guidelines for correct treatment and care for breast cancer patients This will increase the patient’s chance of survival. Oncology Association of Thailand The Breast Cancer Patients Club of Thailand and Art for Cancer by Ireal joined together to translate the Thai version of the breast cancer patient manual. It is expected to be completed in early 2024.”

Join forces? Send encouragement to breast cancer patients.

“The incidence of breast cancer is increasing worldwide. It shows that we need to work together to raise awareness. Sharing more knowledge about breast cancer Novartis values ​​the opinions and needs of our patients. We are committed to working with patients and caregivers. To join together to fill in the gaps on the path to treating disease. Organizing the Let hER Smile breast cancer exhibition is a transfer of scientific knowledge in the form of an art exhibition. Our aim is to inspire, educate and make the path to treatment for metastatic breast cancer filled with hope and smiles,” said Pharmacist Sumalee Kristhanin, CEO of Novartis ( Thailand) Co., Ltd. concluded.

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