“Shingles” a pain that is more dangerous than you think. If left on for a long time, there is a risk of blindness.


Did you know? Shingles – Chickenpox originates from the same virus. Shingles is also seen in people who have had chickenpox before. At the same time, the elderly Or people with impaired immune systems also have a chance of getting shingles. Currently in Thailand there is a highly effective vaccine for prevention. And it is an option that allows the elderly to reduce their risk of severe symptoms of shingles. Especially in cases where shingles is in the eye. If left untreated, there is a risk of blindness.

Dr. Parichat Muangthai, family medicine doctor Prince Sisaket Hospital, a member of Principal Healthcare Group Shingles symptoms are described as a nerve disease caused by Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV), the same virus that causes chickenpox. It is often found that the infection hides in the nerve ganglia. Therefore, it is often found in patients who have had chickenpox before. or will be found in the elderly group and groups of patients with impaired immune systems Patients in disease groups who must receive immunosuppressive drugs And there is also the factor of not getting enough rest. It’s different from chickenpox, which even has small blisters. But chickenpox blisters appear spread all over the body. Commonly found in young children It’s just one time. It won’t happen again. And it could be shingles in the future.

In the case of patients older than 50 years or with shingles on the face or severe pain You should hurry to see a doctor immediately. The doctor will give you antiviral medicine. And to reduce the severity of the disease, patients should receive medicine within 2 – 3 days after symptoms appear. But in the case of patients with a weakened immune system, the medicine will be injected through a vein. In people with low immune systems and the elderly, after recovery, sometimes there may be pain like an electric shock.

  • Shingles on the face Leave it at risk of blindness.

Dr. Parichat said that the scary location for getting shingles is the area along the nerves that feed the face. especially the eyes If left untreated, there is a risk of blindness. So, shingles is in the eye. You should see an ophthalmologist. The doctor will give you oral antiviral medication and eye drops. To prevent complications Even though the symptoms are calm, the virus is still hidden in the nerve ganglia. When is the body weak? There is another opportunity to be stimulated.

  • Clear blisters, do not scratch. Risk of infection and basic ways to take care of yourself before seeing a doctor

Dr. Parichat said that patients should be checked regularly and observed periodically. The first stage usually has a low fever. Body aches, especially in the area where the nerve endings are starting to become inflamed. As for the second phase, notice whether the sore area has a blister or not? If you have symptoms, see a doctor as soon as possible. Because when it enters stage 3, there will be an alignment of the rash along the nerves. Most often found in the spinal cord. or on one side of the face

“For shingles patients In the initial stage, there will be a clear water blister. Keep the wound clean. If the blister breaks, be careful of bacteria entering the wound. Infection can occur. The wound should be washed with clean saline. Cover the wound with gauze. If the wound is very painful, you can take painkillers. Importantly, you should not use it to scratch the shingles blisters. Because it may turn into a pustule, the wound heals slowly, or a scar may form,” said Dr. Parichat.

  • Today, shingles is preventable with a vaccine. and at-risk groups receive the vaccine to reduce their risk

In the case of normal people A red, itchy rash along the nerve ganglia, such as the waist, arms, and legs, then turns into clear, dry, scaly blisters. Symptoms will go away on their own in 1-2 weeks or may leave traces. But in the risk group, whether it be people aged 50 years and over, people with impaired immunity. pregnant woman Including patients with shingles in their eyes, they should see a doctor immediately. Before symptoms occur and the risk of subsequent complications Current protection methods Thailand has an effective shingles vaccine, divided into 2 types:

1) Live-attenuated zoster vaccine (vaccine prepared from an attenuated type of varicella zoster virus). This vaccine is administered in a single dose. Can be injected in adults aged 50 years and over.

2) Recombinant zoster vaccine (recombinant subunit vaccine) is a new vaccine that has entered Thailand. Two injections into the muscle, spaced 2-6 months apart. Can be injected in general people aged 50 years and over, people with impaired immune systems or who have taken immunosuppressive drugs aged 18 years and over. It is highly effective and the level of immunity lasts for at least a long time. 10 years

Dr. Parichat still recommends that at-risk groups still need to take care of their physical health by exercising regularly. and get enough rest This will help the immune system work more efficiently. Including avoiding close contact with infected patients.

For those who have concerns or symptoms of illness, it is recommended that they consult a doctor at a medical facility near their home. or at hospitals in the Principal Group Every health care See more details Website : https://www.princhealth.com/

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