All dimensions of the story ‘Breast cancer’ at Thainakarin Hospital includes prevention, search, and rehabilitation.


If I need to use hormone medication, what are the guidelines?

The hormone estrogen acts to stimulate breast cells to grow. which if receiving estrogen for a long period of time There will be an increased risk of breast cancer. Therefore, the use of hormone replacement should be avoided. And using birth control pills for more than 5-10 years is a factor that increases the risk of breast cancer. But it increases the risk only a little. And it was found that if you stop taking birth control pills for more than 10 years, your risk of developing breast cancer is no different from the general population.

and because of hormone replacement It has both benefits and may cause harm if used inappropriately. Therefore, you should not buy hormone replacement therapy to take yourself. Must have a doctor examine the body and determine suitability for use only. While using hormone replacement therapy, you should take the medicine regularly as strictly prescribed by your doctor. And there should be a health check while taking the medicine as well.

alcoholic beverages How much does it increase the chance of getting breast cancer?

Women who drink alcoholic beverages containing more than 10 grams of ethanol per day increase their risk of breast cancer by 10% because it reduces the ability of the liver to function. Loss of control over the amount of estrogen in the body. Recommended if you want to reduce your risk of breast cancer. The first thing you should do is change your lifestyle habits. which we can do as follows Quit/reduce the amount of alcohol consumption.

Although there is no clear study indicating that Stress and anxiety are clearly associated with the development of breast cancer. But it was found that reducing stress and calming the mind Can increase the ability of the immune system and balance hormones in the body.

Breast cancer screening Important things to help you know first, fix first.

Breast cancer screening It will help find cancer in its early stages. Early detection increases the chance of treatment. and resulting in a better quality of life The next question that many people have is breast examination. When should I start checking? What are the methods for checking?

Breast examinations are divided into 2 main groups:

  • general women’s group The general group of women will begin screening at the age of 25, with self-breast examination once a month and examination by a breast specialist every 3 years. Mammogram and ultrasound screening will begin in women. who are older than 35 years
  • Groups at risk, such as having a family history Have a direct relative with breast or ovarian cancer or have a history of chest radiation before Must be screened for cancer at an earlier age by self-breast examination at the age of 20 years and breast examination by a breast specialist every 3 years, and mammogram ultrasound examination will be earlier at the age of 30 years.

How many methods are there to treat breast cancer?

Treatment for breast cancer depends on the stage and type of cancer. Direct to the individual point and may use more than one treatment method, including:

  • Surgery The main treatment consists of breast surgery. and surgery to find lymph nodes in the armpit
  • Radiation or radiotherapy (Radiotherapy) It is radiation therapy into the breast and chest area to prevent the cancer from returning. It is often used in conjunction with breast-conserving surgery or as adjuvant treatment in cases where the tumor is large. or has spread to the lymph nodes as well
  • Using chemotherapy or chemotherapy (Chemotherapy) It is a drug that destroys cancer cells. May be given before or after surgery. Depends on the type and stage of cancer.
  • Use anti-hormonal therapy It is the administration of medicine to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Must undergo a test for the appearance of cancer cells first. If you respond to antihormonal drugs, then this type of medication can be used to treat it. and must take medicine continuously for 5-10 years
  • Use targeted therapy The drugs are specific in stopping or slowing down the growth of cancer cells. It only slightly affects the normal cells of the body. It is also necessary to undergo cancer cell testing first.
  • Immunotherapy (Immunotherapy) It is a medicine to stimulate the body’s immune system. When a foreign substance enters the body The immune system will be stimulated to remove foreign substances from the body. Giving this immune stimulating drug It will cause the body’s immune system to respond more effectively to cancer cells. It is only used in certain types of breast cancer.

Modern breast cancer surgery

Associate Professor Dr. Prakasit Jirappa revealed that at present there is modern surgery to treat breast cancer called Oncoplastic Surgery, divided into 2 main groups: breast conservation surgery, such as surgery to transfer fat from nearby areas. Come in to close the gap where the cancer was cut out. Or surgery to lift or reduce the size of both breasts to be balanced. and surgery that involves removing the breast and then doing breast reconstruction surgery to replace the original breast that was removed.

  • Breast reconstruction surgery

Breast surgery techniques It is different from a normal mastectomy in that only the skin adjacent to the cancer is removed. Or preserve the original skin except the nipple (Skin sparing Mastectomy) or preserve both skin and nipple (Nipple sparing mastectomy). Removing the breast with this technique will greatly increase the beauty of the breast.

  • Breast augmentation techniques

Autogenous Breast Reconstruction: The most popular method is to use tissue from the lower abdomen (TRAM flap reconstruction) or back tissue (LD flap reconstruction) to make a new breast. The advantage of this type of surgery is that the new breast that is exposed will be close to natural. It is the patient’s own flesh. The long-term safety is very high, but the disadvantage is that the surgery takes a long time, approximately 4-6 hours, and there are surgical wounds elsewhere.

  • Breast augmentation using silicone bags (Implant-base Breast reconstruction)

This method can use a silicone bag to replace the breast that was removed. The silicone bag has many shapes to choose from to give the breast the desired shape. In addition, artificial tissue ADM (Acellular dermal matrix) is used to cover the silicone bag together with the muscle. Makes the breast shape more beautiful and close to nature. Makes the breast more beautiful. and reduce pain after surgery

All dimensions of the story 'Breast cancer' at Thainakarin Hospital includes prevention, search, and rehabilitation.

‘Breast Disease Center Thainakarin Hospital’ takes care of all dimensions. ‘Breast cancer’

‘Breast Disease Center Thainakarin Hospital’ provides care in every step from screening to rehabilitation after breast cancer treatment. at the Breast Disease Center Thainakarin Hospital Certified for quality according to international standards AACI (American Accreditation Commission International) in the field of breast cancer. which is an international standard from the United States Makes breast cancer patients confident in the quality of their treatment.

AACI is a quality support system according to international standards from the United States. and is the only international standard in The objective is to develop health service standards that are patient-centered. and emphasizes on safety, welfare, quality of life, and quality of care Focusing on the safety that those who use the services of that hospital will receive in terms of treatment that is correct according to medical principles. There are standard medical tools. Including various medical personnel with knowledge and ability as well as providing other services That involves both giving advice before and after treatment. or dispensing medicine All of these processes must be efficient and provide maximum benefit to those who come to use the service.

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