Free measles-rubella vaccination point, January-February 2023, click here.

Free measles-rubella vaccination point opens Samut Sakhon Provincial Health Office Serving target groups aged 20-40 years in January-February 2023, check details here.

Samut Sakhon Provincial Public Health Office The target group of people aged 20-40 are invited to receive free measles and rubella vaccination from today until February 20, 2023, with details as follows:

target group

1. General people who wish to receive the vaccine

2. Labor age in factories and establishments

3. New inmates and prison staff

4. Military and police personnel

5. Healthcare workers in government services / medical and health workers, private sector who have not received measles and rubella-containing vaccines before.

6. People at risk groups such as foreign populations in border areas, refugees, etc.

However, for the factory group Establishments in the area that want to schedule vaccination appointments for employees in groups You can register to reserve the queue by scanning the QR Code from the image below.


For the general public can access the service at Government hospitals near every home, it is recommended to contact, call, inquire or make an appointment to book an appointment in advance before traveling to receive services to reduce congestion.

You can check and see the list of government hospitals here (click here)

For more information, please contact Disease Control Group, contact the Samut Sakhon Provincial Public Health Office Tel. 034-871276 ext.

The article is in Thai

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