shock! Legendary heroine dies from lung disease

Chinese entertainment media and the Thai high society are participating.Mourning the passing of “Patsy or Patsy Wongsanguan” or Chinese name is “Jia Ling” (Patsy Ka Ling/ Patsy Kar). A former famous actress from Hong Kong who eventually came to live in Thailand. After the second marriage with “Burin Wongsa-nguan”, a famous businessman and high society founder of TV Review and BR.

The news was quoted by someone close to the Chinese entertainment news page. “Nine Lonely Swords” says “Jia Ling” or “Khun Passi”, 88 years old, passed away peacefully due to lung disease. While sleeping at her home in Bangkok on November 21, With the schedule to pray for the Abhidhamma at Pavilion 1, Phasuk Manee Chak Temple, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi Province on November 22-24, 2022, before the cremation ceremony on Saturday, November 26.

For “Jia Ling”, or her former name was “He Pui Ying”, there were performances from 1953 to 1967, where she was remembered for her role as a wealthy young woman in high society. In total, she had more than 70 films before retiring in 1967 and returning to acting in 1971 with John Law’s Money and I. She is also known as the first girlfriend of “Xia Xian” (Patrick Tse), the father of the famous actor “Xia Ting Fong”, with both dating for 7 years before breaking up.

Before entering the industry, “Jia Ling” was married. Has a son with one ex-husband, “Rafael Wong”, who entered the entertainment industry following his mother’s footsteps and in 1963 or a few years before leaving the industry She married again with Burin Wongsanguan, a Thai businessman of Chinese descent. and moved with her husband to settle down in Bangkok There are 3 heirs together and received Thai nationality. Including the Thai name is “Passi or Phatsri Wongsa-nguan” before this latest peaceful death news. The news team would like to express their condolences here.

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