Super spectacular! Mai Davika opens the kingdom of 200 million, wins to buy the land in the whole alley.

New female heroine Davika opens the kingdom of 200 million wins to buy land in the whole alley. luxury Take a tour of every nook and cranny for the first time.

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The most pride, young heroine New Davika Horne That opened a kingdom of 200 million to see every corner for the first time. It is within the area of ​​MissStar Cafe in Sai Mai area, a cafe that has been open for 7-8 years. The female protagonist is very proud of this shop. because it really starts from zero The owner drew the logo of the shop himself. luxury european style decoration Adorned with a statue of a Greek god, a gift from Klao, the manager of the merit couple. Give on the opening day

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when asked This kingdom has heard that 200 million is true or not? which Mai made her eyes widen before answering “Where did you hear that?”

Then referred to as saying “Call it gradually. grow up better It starts from one plot. It turns out that in this alley, my mother bought it, gradually expanding. Continue to escalate. The alley next to it has already been bought.

Like David did a wedding hall. For setting up a wedding venue that can accommodate 200-300 people, we need a wide parking lot. This is all our parking lot in front. When we invest in anything, we invest with our hearts. We do this because we want customers to feel that even if they are in Bangkok. It’s like going on a trip to the provinces. There is a place surrounded by trees. The atmosphere is good too.”

After that, the new girl has taken a tour to see various places in every nook and cranny of her 200 million kingdom, including cafes, picnic zones, beautiful photo corners. Wedding venues both in halls and for outdoor banquets The atmosphere is like a foreign garden ever.

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